hello and welcome i am chaos_angel_gabriel this is my profile. i love to write poetry and am damn good (^_^). Now let me tell u a bit about myself, i'm one of the biggest anime fans u will ever meet and damn proud of it to. i love playing video games, my favorites are rpg's and adventure games but i play all types of games except sports with the exception of ufc and boxing games. i'm 100% Mexican with some Italian in the mix. i was born in America. i like all types of music as long as it sounds good. my favorite thing to do in gaia is to create avatars. i love sports but i don't really watch sports except boxing and soccer and ufc lol i'm the type that prefers playing sports instead of watching them. i like to help out in any way that i can that does not include gaia gold. i like to help more in like if your having problems or you just want someone to listen to (^_^) or even if your getting cyber bullied. Just remember i'm always here for anything except gaia gold.