There was a maiden, fair as can be. Her hair glistens in the light of the sun, shimmering a bright golden color that perfumes a light scent of chamomile and honey. Her fair skin as bright as ivory and as soft as a petal of a flower. Her eyes are followed in a book, a never ending search into a realm of beauty and passion. They follow the poetic lines of a tranquil place, inside the memory of her lonely space where she is remained at peace - lost in the realm of words that surround her and engulf her mind, body and soul.
          She remains serene and quiet, she is more of a listener than a speaker. For every moment she opens her lips to speak, she is nearly soft spoken and often not heard - unless perhaps she is singing. For when she sings, the near by birds follow her tune and listen note by note singing along with the fair maiden. She is seen as a siren, an inhuman being to some ; For her beauty is far from beyond this realm. For whomever it may seem, many oppose to come to realization that she is real and see her as a myth - a figment of imagination. For no fair beauty is bound to be alone in this world.
          And yet she remains, forever in the depths of her mind. Only hoping and focusing on her life. She keeps to herself, and see's that she is not alone. For the nature around her keeps her company and sane. Only dreaming can pass the time; dreaming in the world of her own.
          Time may pass, seasons may change. She will still remain the same, but only her mind will stray. Her passions, dreams, and desires are to be for told - her search will be far and wide until she has reached the point of pure happiness.
          Many lessons are to be taught, Adventures are to be had, and tales are to be told.
          But she will never forget all the people she met - and everyone she loves.



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Report | 08/08/2015 11:36 pm


Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 9:21 pm

Clara Silberhaus

I will make sure to let her know
and enjoy your bath 3nodding
I am sure I will have a good night if you know what I mean emotion_dowant
and please have a good night as well emotion_yatta
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 9:11 pm

Clara Silberhaus

I am sorry she has not been able to speak to you
I know you must be waiting for her but it seems she is really knock out
which is both good and bad
bad because she cant speak to you at the moment, good because I can play with her later tonight twisted
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 9:03 pm

Clara Silberhaus

I am sure we will, Plus part of my studies on criminal justice have to do with Law
so they can come at me and I will make sure I can crush anyone that wants to get in between us, Bring it on world scream !!

got a little emotional there jeje
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 8:53 pm

Clara Silberhaus

I do get that reference rofl
I guess that makes Elisa Courage emotion_dowant emotion_bigheart
That is the plan, she has not told her family she is going out with me because she wants to first make sure that she is entirely capable of leaving the nest
so at least her family doesnt get worry about her safety
moonlite dreamer

Report | 07/26/2015 8:38 pm

moonlite dreamer

OMG congrats <3
I can totally see you working there.
and mm Trader Joe's foods so good ;w; <3
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 8:30 pm

Clara Silberhaus

I am sure you will get it
and that sounds like a really reasonable pay specially for California
I think new engineers in this area get paid the amount of money you will get paid XD
of course if they move to a place like California the money will be even more
But really I have a feeling you will get it, I heard Elisa pray yesterday so you will get it

Elisa and I are planning to possibly moving to Dallas TX because the payment is better over there
Rent and Housing are the same rate as EL Paso so it will help us save a lot of money
But we will see what life has in store for us XD we first need to finish school this coming year emotion_yatta

I can be pretty naughty, I mean just look at my avi lol
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 8:11 pm

Clara Silberhaus

its like bleach, it was only good on the first ark. After that it just losses all its appeal talk2hand
Yeah I know I have the advantage around here, I have seen the prices for California before and I was like... Faints!
I only work 30hrs a week but with a $13 salary more or less it is more than enough for me at this point of my life
enough for food, 401k, school, insurance, and vacations when needed emotion_yatta
plus I dont really spend on lots of other things so my money is always safe

Jaja that would be something interesting to see XD
though I think you are equally cute as well, that is why I mentioned how men
must be lurking around you like crazy rofl
Clara Silberhaus

Report | 07/26/2015 7:55 pm

Clara Silberhaus

lol she is, even though she is just 1 inch smaller than I am lol
but she really does look small from the distance
I work as an intern for a criminal justice department but I have been there for quite sometime
and the pay is good plus the rent fees around here are not that bad, specially if you want a small place
for the place I have they charge me $300 monthly so that is excellent for me

AOT I saw a few episodes but I did not really like it nor Elisa, she was a little disappointed
specially since everyone kept telling her it was the best anime ever. That day she just told me that she had read better lol
There are two mangas that she loved a lot but she has never wanted to tell me the names of them burning_eyes

SInce you saw my photo on FB what do you think? can I compete with her beauty XD?
or is she way cuter which I dont mind, I actually think she is cuter though she always says I am the cute one burning_eyes
moonlite dreamer

Report | 07/26/2015 7:45 pm

moonlite dreamer

ah I see.
//summer so bumming around while drowning in chores.
I don't want school to start yet though ;w;


"All of our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them"
~Walt Disney

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