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    ❁ Hello, my name is Chamaellia (Pronounced Cam- illa), & I am an adult (25) that's single, but not ready to mingle. My username is derived from the Camellia flower which symbolizes desire, passion, & refinement. I was formerly known as Dearest Ashley but I changed it a few years ago because I was not happy with that username considering I was using my real name. (sweatdrop - you can call me Ashley or Ash if you want to though, I don't mind. I just prefer this name)
    ❁ I currently work in retail at Macy's in the Fashion Accessories & Handbags department. I plan on going back to college and major in Child Development. My dream is to be a preschool teacher. Due to this, I might not be on as much as I used to be, so bare with me if it takes me a while to respond to you. On behalf of my part, I am sorry for this inconvenience in advanced. *respectfully bows*
    ❁ I don't get much free time anymore, but when I do I tend to usually read, exercise, swim, hike, ride bike around town, meditate, pamper myself, cook, clean, tend to my garden, make floral arrangements, sing, maybe play my instruments which are alto saxophone, ocarina, piano, & I'm always drinking lots of tea ♥
    ❁ I do collect little things that make me happy, which are music boxes, books, teas, tea cups, Burt's Bee's Products, & anything lacy/ delicate looking. I adore Music, Musicals, Literature, History, Antiques, Fashion, Flowers, Art, Photography, Anime, Disney, & K/J Dramas.
    I hope that you enjoyed yourself here & that you have a wonderful day/evening.
    Take care of yourself ♥

    One last thing, This is me in case you were wondering who's behind the pixels:

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