There was a maiden, fair as can be. Her hair glistens in the light of the sun, shimmering a bright golden color that perfumes a light scent of chamomile and honey. Her fair skin as bright as ivory and as soft as a petal of a flower. Her eyes are followed in a book, a never ending search into a realm of beauty and passion. They follow the poetic lines of a tranquil place, inside the memory of her lonely space where she is remained at peace - lost in the realm of words that surround her and engulf her mind, body and soul.
          She remains serene and quiet, she is more of a listener than a speaker. For every moment she opens her lips to speak, she is nearly soft spoken and often not heard - unless perhaps she is singing. For when she sings, the near by birds follow her tune and listen note by note singing along with the fair maiden. She is seen as a siren, an inhuman being to some ; For her beauty is far from beyond this realm. For whomever it may seem, many oppose to come to realization that she is real and see her as a myth - a figment of imagination. For no fair beauty is bound to be alone in this world.
          And yet she remains, forever in the depths of her mind. Only hoping and focusing on her life. She keeps to herself, and see's that she is not alone. For the nature around her keeps her company and sane. Only dreaming can pass the time; dreaming in the world of her own.
          Time may pass, seasons may change. She will still remain the same, but only her mind will stray. Her passions, dreams, and desires are to be for told - her search will be far and wide until she has reached the point of pure happiness.
          Many lessons are to be taught, Adventures are to be had, and tales are to be told.
          But she will never forget all the people she met - and everyone she loves.



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Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

You get blue like everyone
But me and Clara
Can make your troubles go away
Blow away, there they go...

Cheer up, Ashley
Give me a smile
What happened to the smile I used to know
Don't you know your grin has always
Been a sunshine;
Let that sunshine show...

Come on, Ashley
No need to frown
Deep down you know the world its still your toy...

When the world get heavy
Never pitter patter
Up and at'em girl

Some day, sweet as a song
Ashley's lucky day will come along
Till that day
You've got to stay strong Ashley
Up on top is right where you belong

Look up, Ashley
You'll see a star
Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up
Cheer up Ashley,do
Cheer up Ashley
Just be glad you're you.

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“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” -Bill Watterson (author of Calvin and Hobbes)
Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

Ashley chan emotion_kirakira
do you really think so cat_4laugh ?
The Lady Of Yggdrasil

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The Lady Of Yggdrasil

Haha, thank you so much love. <3

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Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

I guess my fascination for rainbows started at a very young age
but I cant let them go, they are just too cute emotion_kirakira
Chinami Mizuki

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Chinami Mizuki

not just rainbows but a Rainbow Brite doll that was gifted to me by my parents when I was 6 years old >w<
They bought it for me at a Good Will store emotion_kirakira


"All of our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them"
~Walt Disney

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