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❁ Hello, my name is Chamaellia (Pronounced Cam- illa) & I am an adult. My username was created by me, and my inspiration for it is my love for Chamomile tea (And other tea's) & mixed it with Camellia which is a lovely flower that symbolizes of desire, passion, and refinement.
❁ I currently work in retail at Macy's in the Fashion Accessories & Handbags department, but I don't plan on working there for long. I hope to go back to school and major in Child Development. I already have 2 AA degrees in Behavioral Science & Humanities w/ Emphasis in Fine Arts. My dream is to be a preschool teacher. Due to this, I might not be on as much as I used to be, so bare with me if it takes me a while to respond to you. On behalf of my part, I am sorry for this inconvenience in advanced. *respectfully bows*
❁ I don't get much free time anymore, but when I do I tend to usually read, exercise, meditate, swim, hang out with friends, cook, clean, tend to my garden, make floral arrangements, sing, maybe play my instruments which are alto/soprano saxophone, ocarina, piano, & I'm always drinking lots of tea ♥
❁ I do collect little things that make me happy, which are music boxes, books, teas, tea cups, & anything lacy/ delicate looking. I adore Music, Musicals, Literature, History, Antiques, Fashion, Flowers, Photography, Art, Anime, Disney, & K/J Dramas.
I hope that you enjoyed yourself here & that you have a wonderful day/evening.
Take care of yourself ♥

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