Hello Gaians!

I am selling my items from my store and I am willing to accept offers. Some of my items have a price already but we can negotiate on a fair price. All you have to do is send me a message of your given price/offer and I will decrease the price on said item. Oh, I also make cool-looking outfits when I feel like i need to sell them.

In a nutshell: I sell high, deflate when necessary, make a bargain w/ the buyer of a certain item and we trade (to save on taxes)

Lastly, NO ESTIMATED MP PRICES. Why you ask? Let me put this into one word, PROFIT. Most of us need to make that cheddar if we want more cooler (expensive-looking) items.

Check out my friend Ren's store via store link below.

Do not forget to leave a bump in My Store Thread link after you visit my store.


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