Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 21
Birthday: August 19
Astrological Sign: Leo
Likes: Being Strong, Dependable, Acting Cool, Patience, Tranquility, Alcohol, Flowers
Dislikes: Cruelty, Bullies, Lies

I grew up in the town of Nibleheim. I was the black sheep, either shunned or scolded. When I was a child there was an incident where Tifa fell off a cliff and went into a coma. I tried to save her, but everyone blamed me for the accident. If i had been stronger I could've saved her, but I was just a weak kid that ended up with scabbed knees.

When I was a young teen I decided to leave Nibleheim to join SOLDIER. I had to do everything I could to become the hero Tifa wanted me to be. It's a bit embarrassing, really. I never thought she would've taken an interest in me until I told her I wanted to be like Sephiroth. He was my idol. He was a true hero!

A lot of things happened. I never made SOLDIER, but I did make a friend. Zack. He believed in me and wanted me to succeed. He really boosted my confidence. Not only did I want to prove my home town wrong, but I wanted to prove Zack right.
Then... that day came.

Nibleheim, the place I grew up, was burned to the ground. Zack, Sephiroth, myself, and another grunt was assigned on a mission to clean up monsters and eradicate the problem from arising again. I wasn't ready to go back. I was anxious. I was fearful. I wasn't the hero I bragged about becoming. I was dirt. I didn't want to face any of them, so I hid my identity.
Sephiroth found out about the experimentation that made him and snapped. I guess he couldn't take it. The truth was too much.
Even so, I will never forgive him! My hometown, my mom, the villagers.... Everyone was murdered because of him! Tifa and Zack were mortally wounded. I couldn't take it. I disposed of Sephiroth myself with strength I didn't know I had. The adrenaline must've gotten to me.

5 years passed. I don't remember those years. What I do remember feels like a dream and unreal.

Zack and I escaped from Hojo's laboratory. I was poisoned by mako. I couldn't even speak, much less move. My mind was completely blank. Zack ended up dying just outside of Midgar. It was enough to allow me to move. I don't remember what we talked about, what his last words were, except one phrase. "I am your living legacy".
With his Buster Sword in hand, I struggled my way to Midgar. I was still under mako poisoning. I would've died had Tifa not found me.

I thought she was a goner, and yet here she was, alive and well. I was really glad. She's the only person from our village to make it out of the fire. She took me in and gave me a job in AVALANCHE, a small terrorist group going against Shinra.

I didn't much care for their cause. I needed money, a way to support myself. I don't know where my sudden immense strength came from, but I was an important chess piece for them. Which is probably why they tried so hard to keep me.

After we blew up the first Mako reactor, I met an impressive woman. Her eyes were as innocent as the flowers she was selling. It was later that day I would learn her name. Aerith. I became attached to her rather quickly. I couldn't help it. She drew me in.
I became her bodyguard and I was very eager to show her, and everyone, how great of a bodyguard I was! I was a lot stronger now, so there was nothing that could prove me wrong.

We went through a lot together. Most of the stuff I won't mention. Sector 7 was going to be crushed. Shinra found out that AVALANCHE's hide out was there. With Aerith and Tifa by my side, we raced to the sector just in time. I went up with Tifa to meet Barret at the top, to hopefully prevent the destruction of the plate.
Aerith was kidnapped during, and immediately following the destruction of the plate. We were too late. The Turks were too good. We escaped, but the entire sector was completely destroyed.

We hurried up to Shinra HQ to rescue Aerith, who was the last survivor of an ancient race known as the Ancients, or Cetra respectively. We met RedXIII, another vital member of our crew, and learned that Jenova was being kept here.
We were captured after rescuing Aerith from Hojo. That night Sephiroth came. I had thought he was dead. He killed many employees, including President Shinra.
Well, we escaped again, via the highway and automobiles. Our journey began. I had to settle the score. I couldn't let Sephiroth get away! Not after everything he did and is going to do!

We traveled the world. On the way, we met Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid. We learned more about the Ancients, about Jenova, about the Black Materia, and about the White Materia.
For every battle we faced there was sorrow. Someone I loved returned to the Planet. Aerith was killed by Sephiroth. My heart shattered. I couldn't even find the strength to fight anymore. But I had to keep going. For her.
Aerith, I'll do the rest. I'll finish what you started. I had to unfreeze her smile, to rescue her soul from Sephiroth's grasp. He was holding Holy back, the entity she had prayed for before her untimely death.

Before we could face him, I was swallowed up by the lifestream after giving Sephiroth the Black Materia. He could control my body. I was nothing but a puppet, a Sephiroth Clone. Did the memories I have... did I never experience them? Was my existence a lie?
Tifa knew something. She couldn't tell me anything. Why? I need to know!

It turned out I really did exist, but because of the Jenova cells in me and the mako poisoning messing up my mind, I took a bit of memory from Zack. I put myself in his place during the Nibleheim burning. I took his status, First Class SOLDIER. It was all clear to me now. Now I could face Sephiroth without holding back.

We flew to the Northern Crater and dived in. We met with Sephiroth and Jenova. We fought and we won, but it wasn't finished yet. I had to fight his consciousness.
I don't know how to explain this, as I'm not sure exactly what had happened, but I was spiraling down a tunnel. I could hear sweet music and I could see images flashing before my eyes. I eventually found him. We fought. I used all of my strength to take him out. All the anger, the hatred, I bore for him was unleashed.

He vanished into a flicker of spirit energy. I could feel her presence all around me. She was freed. I reached for her, she reached for me, and I... returned to my comrades. I had almost fallen to my death. Aerith had guided me to Tifa's hand, to rescue me.
With Holy released, we fled the Norther Crater before we were eaten up by the massive light. We watched as Holy and Meteor battled. Holy was waning. It had been freed too late.
But then something miraculous happened. The lifestream came and destroyed Meteor. I could've sworn I saw her smile within the bright light for a brief second.

That... is my story.

I'll find her. In my Promised Land.

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Cloud Strife - Legacy

Report | 09/23/2012 11:37 am

Cloud Strife - Legacy

Amazingly done on your profile. I love the story, it's just as accurate as it is touching, it really makes you understand the hardship Cloud went through. As well, the song is a good pick. I t really matches the feel behind all of it. I love it, well done ^_^
Devoured by Darkness

Report | 04/09/2012 11:24 am

Devoured by Darkness

Hey, Cloud! That case that you keep in the church?
Yeah. I'm gonna borrow it. THANKS! wink