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My a8out me!!!!!!!! Read it 8n' wheep loooooooosers!!!!!!!! >::::D

Hello to those who h8ve d8red to stum8le 8cross my profile!!!!!!!!

As you can tell by my profile, I love Homestuck.
I enjoy cosplaying Homestuck characters and Vriska Serket is my favorite troll.

I normally cosplay as Vriska here on Gaia, but not always, I tend to cosplay other Homestuck characters as well.

I love reading manga and comics and watching anime. I also love cosplaying at conventions. Check out my links to see some of my cosplays.

A little about me:

-My name is Merle and I'm twenty-three.
-My birthday is October 28th.
-I am a Scorpio. Yes, my favorite troll is also my Patron troll.
-My orientation is LESBIAN and I am single. :::; )
-I live in WASHINGTON and am a member of WASTUCK.

*Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie
*Fanart belongs to corresponding DA/Tumblr artists.



23 // Lesbian // Homestuck

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Treasure th8t I seek. :::;)

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I Thief of Light I
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