Robert Allen
01/25/1985 - 08/11/2016
Say not in grief: "He is no more," but live in thankfulness that he was.

Casual until bank~


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Whomper Report | 04/19/2017 7:01 am
*attacks with cactus barrage* scream
MishkaChaos Report | 04/04/2017 6:47 pm
K I found the closest think to my black lynx..... it's got the eyes, white chin and white belly atleast
MishkaChaos Report | 04/04/2017 6:37 pm
Dis is who he's cosplaying. Unfortunately they don't have a black lynx companion like my character
User Image

Yes he has amber and gold eyes that shimmer but Wood Elf eyes turn black the farther you are from them. So they're incredibly hard to take a picture of
MishkaChaos Report | 04/04/2017 6:28 pm
I never asked you how you liked my Wood Elf
DarkHellBoy19 Report | 04/04/2017 6:10 pm
No problem lol
RavingProductions Report | 04/04/2017 1:37 pm
alright, will do!
Whomper Report | 03/31/2017 7:11 am
*noms on tail*
MishkaChaos Report | 03/16/2017 8:52 pm
It's a joke they ordered a pizza and came here instead of there. They do it all the time
MishkaChaos Report | 03/16/2017 8:17 pm
Hmmm I need advice here. Should I order a pizza and see if they bring it to the people a few streets down or get here. Pizza delivery people never get our addresses right cause we share the same number and neighborhood just I'm Eaglegate and they're Eagle Crest
RavingProductions Report | 03/15/2017 8:09 pm
I came back too soon and noticed zomg lagging.

I'll probably be back next week or later if it persists. I was planning to meet up with you and several others in one of the servers. smile


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