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My name is Tori.. I'm 16; single; bisexual; coffeeholic.
I consider myself a very lively, kindhearted, generous, & humorous person. I like making people smile & laugh.
I can come off as sort of a troll but if I like you, you'll know.
A little about me.. I'm very passionate about art, photography, & animals. I've found some ways to incorporate all of these things together, so I'm happy about that.
I have three dogs & three two fish.
I really enjoy fruit, dirty humor, & GIFs. I absolutely love having conversations in mostly GIFs.
I really love meeting new people & having intellectual conversations or just casually talking/flaming. I love receiving PMs & I spend a lot of time thread-hopping & trying to initiate conversations with my fellow Gaians.
Although I love making new friends, I don't accept friend requests unless we have talked & connected on a basic+ level. If I don't think we're going to talk in the future, then there's no point. I seriously only have like six or seven people on my friends list.
I do have Skype, so if you manage to make da list then you have my permission to ask me for it.
Alright, thanks for reading! I will update this later when I figure out what's interesting about me!
Please love me.