Hey, 'tis Celeste!

I see that you have found MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


Ahem. Excuse me.

Well, I really love comments, anything at all will make me happy. Shout outs, greetings, chats between yourselves...anything to pass my time. Since my parents absolutely refuse to buy me anymore books because I read too fast, you will have to do. XD

Christmas is coming, people! That means...PRESENTS!!! I was sad to say that I didn't get ANY Birthday Presents...=.= So make it up and get me Christmas Presents, kk? <3

.:: My White List: ::.

Kalebisme}-> Mwahz. I can bash Atlantis if I WANT to!!! T.T

Icelos}-> You really should open your PMs so I don't have to send you trades with my messages in them. ^.^


Sorry, loves. I had to take the picture down. It was too big.
Oh well.


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A Scene from the Life of Celeste

I'm so random its not even funny...*snickers*



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Oh man, I was in Europe for the last three weeks without internet. But yeah... hi. XD


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Zomg! Celeste!
I, like, totally found you. x_X
'Tis Ceri from all those Weyrs that died. razz
` J A C K

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` J A C K

Aww.. you are so sweet for standing up to Ryan Green like that... He was pissed off... seriously... But we're not really enemies or anything, we're just friends who like to punch each other, and make fun of each other... Because he's my best friend's boyfriend... Anyways, he's like the hottest guy in my town TT.TT... So that makes you saying all that so much nicer. XD!! -hugs- I love your profile, deary..
<3 Rachel

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oh by the way i like your avatar

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oh you should have seen it before. it was so flashy and bright. i would give people siezures (not that i know of, but whatever)

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I can bash Atlantis if I want. >> And Richard Dean Andersen is teh SHIZ. I want him to come ba-ack...*whines*

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Hey hey, don't go bashing the Atlantis. LOL, you've gotta admit that Rodney Mckay is the man!
The first few seaons of SG-1 were better though. I don't why, but the older episodes have a waaaayy different feel compared to the newer ones. I really don't care for the new eps of SG-1... it's just not the same without Richard Dean Anderson. And yes, I have just gone on a random Stargate rant.
Are you into Star Wars?

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Hi! What Anime/Manga do you like? Do you like Yaoi? (Please don't dislike me if you don't!)
And I understand. My Parents won't buy my any new books, either.

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THanks much for the buddy add! What's up?



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