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K - K is for Kind
R - R is for Rawr! Not easy to mess with! >:]
I - I is for Increditible
S - S is for Special
T - T is for Te Amo;; I luvv you. xD <3
A - A is for Adorable

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Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life. My own little personal corner of hell. Feel free to watch my torture and pain. Free of charge!


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Seabook Arno

Report | 07/10/2015 7:05 am

Seabook Arno


Report | 06/18/2015 6:35 pm


          Yeah I just gave my Coffee Shop thread a makeover to Coffee & Pinups with all new art and
          updated my minimum bribe to 50bil. Should do it. xD Although I haven't had any requests yet.

Report | 06/17/2015 12:54 pm


          Pfff I lost your comment in my notices. xD Sorry! Also I have no idea what to price my art at anymore ._.
          Or even what to use as a starting bribe! D:

Report | 06/12/2015 5:09 pm


          Blizz made it really easy to max out professions now. If you get the Draenor scroll for your profession, which
          really just drops off various different mobs in Draenor, then you can level something solely with Draenor
          items, from start to finish. I did it with enchanting. It's ridiculous and honestly I think they've broken professions
          with the way things were done, but they're not done with expansions so it may be different later on.

          I guess with art I just feel like I let myself down. I know I could do really really well with it if I tried and got the
          right classes for it and such, but idk. It's such an on and off again thing for me and the Art Institute's shenanigans
          really made me rethink art as a profession, which is why I decided against it in the long run. Besides, history has
          AAAALWAYS been a passion of mine and never quite like art has. I'm very particular with my art, but history just
          is. So Anthropology major it is. : P

Report | 06/12/2015 4:58 pm


          I'll have to look up some names. c: Mebbe give her some powers or something. xD

          Lol yeah, it was ridiculous. We're doing the same with some other toons too, though
          since we don't need them to raid we're taking our time with them. c:

          Yeah I have my old sketchbooks too, I should really just start doodling again when
          I'm downstairs with the dogs. I'm a bit discouraged I think. :c Especially since I've come
          to realize it'll probably be no more than a hobby for me.

Report | 06/12/2015 4:17 pm


          I cooouuuuuld. I don't have a name for her. xD Idk, something to think about! c:

          And yeah, it made leveling go a LOT faster. RAF bonus plus heirlooms?! Good lord,
          we hit 100 in like... four days. Two for leveling to 90, two for leveling to 100. xD
          And yeah, the cost is about 26k gold I think. Too much for me. :c Hopefully not for
          too long though, I'm going to be selling enchants on my mage. xD

          I'm always super critical of my work. ; 3; I want to try to find a more stylized look again,
          but idk. I guess I should try to remember what I knew first. xD

Report | 06/12/2015 3:55 pm


          No, not really. Although I do have a Taurus girl avi for my birthday. I did some art of her a few years back.

          RAF is Recruit a Friend. We just bought new WoW accounts and attached them to our Battle.net accounts,
          so now there's two and one isn't banned for six months. xD But attaching it to our Battle.net accounts gave
          us all the perks from our other account, so that was nice. I didn't have to start entirely from scratch. c: And
          you can buy game time with gold now, too. c:

          I might. I'm not sure. I haven't really felt inspired to do artwork and what I've tried has turned out looking really
          bad. I get a base down and then cringe because I apparently forgot how to draw people and then give up. :c

Report | 06/12/2015 12:08 am


          Yuss! There's also my koi girl, the same one you drew me. c:

          Yeah my fiance and I were both banned, so we just did RAF
          and leveled new toons. c: It was fun! Also, RAF with heirlooms
          is absolutely ridiculous.

          Ahhhh I kinda want to draw, but I've got a bunch of stuff going
          on. I think I'm a little disenchanted with it now too. :/ Idk. I may
          open some slots once I get my new desktop and then just pick
          the ones I like, but idk.

Report | 06/11/2015 10:30 pm


          Yeeeeees monster girls! I think mine would have to be a fem version of Taurus. xD
          I can't think of anything else that would really be awesome to me lol.

          Lol I usually heal raids so I can specifically ignore switching dps targets or having
          to worry about losing aggro on things. But then my WoW account was banned for
          botting (despite my not even knowing HOW to bot) and I leveled a mage on a new one. xD

          Ooooo arts. <3 I haven't touched any art outside of coloring for B/C shops in a long time.
          It feels so weird and I kind of want to start again, but idk. I may just redo my coffee themed

Report | 06/11/2015 10:16 pm


          I'm tempted to try for something, but I've never really had a monster girl before. xD
          Hee, thank you! : D I just love how pissed she looks. xD Reminds me of me when I
          lag in a raid lol.

          Also, Oooooooo you have a new shop??


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