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•Birthday: July 19th // Joined: October, 2007

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•Salty Runway Regular; silently judging you.

•Apparently is a fabricated persona of someone from runway.
Please tell me who I am a mule of, I'm missing my master/mistress!

•Artist, Writer, Poet.

•Loves art, music, languages and science.

•Does not tolerate racism, sexism or any other
kind of prejudice. They are petty and are of poor

•Does not appreciate slurs of any kind, begging by
any means nor slanders of any nature.

•Does not accept random friend requests.

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Hominum Report | 07/22/2017 1:21 am
I will check it out! Thanks for telling me about it.
Hey you should check out these songs by the way. They are great (I have been listening to them forever now)
Low Roar - I'll Keep Coming and Go Tell Aunt Rhody. I dont know the artist for the Aunt Rhody one. Still great songs.
Hominum Report | 07/21/2017 5:25 pm
Is that a program for learning other languages?
Also thanks!
audinobutt Report | 07/20/2017 9:37 pm
yeah thats good that you've found something that helps for sure :3 well im glad to hear you got gifts you enjoy for ur birthday.

I'm heading to bed cant keep my eyes open been crying about Chester Bennington all day i sapped my own strength goodnight
audinobutt Report | 07/20/2017 9:29 pm
Oh i see that sounds very pretty. I hope you enjoy your bowls!

Are you a Buddhist? my cousin is nothing seems to bother him tbh too much chill.
audinobutt Report | 07/20/2017 8:38 pm
how does a bowl sing? o.o
Hominum Report | 07/20/2017 5:04 pm
That is a lot of different languages. Seriously though, you must have great memory to even remember even a little of each.
I can barely remember the stuff I learned in Japanese and that is only because of anime and manga. I am learning to write Hiragana, but searching for a job and a place to stay is taking up most of my time.
Speaking of jobs, I got a call and I might have one soon. Its an assembly job, but its something.
Hominum Report | 07/20/2017 4:50 pm
I figured that. Still is cool. How long did it take you to learn German?
What other languages do you speak?
Hominum Report | 07/20/2017 1:47 pm
I need to learn German. I looked it up honestly. It means Wald (Forest) and Einsamkeit (Loneliness or Solitude.)
If i could be alone I would finally have some peace lol.
audinobutt Report | 07/20/2017 5:11 am
I am hoping it was a peaceful one!
Hashtable Report | 07/19/2017 9:34 pm
Happy birthday! heart How was it?


yum_tea emotion_bigheart 25 years old on July 19th emotion_bigheart yum_tea




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Do NOT befriend me without prior conversation.

I do not appreciate people asking me at random
for a donation/gift, as I find it incredibly rude.
I have also run into people trying to befriend me for gifts,
or to just simply have more friends. Both of which
I am opposed to.


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