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Exrael Report | 09/18/2014 7:44 pm
I've actually never watched it (Escaflowne movie), but I remember the song from my childhood and I still like it. 3nodding
Cream-tan Report | 09/14/2014 4:44 pm
Cream-tan Report | 09/07/2014 11:19 am
good job, you get a golden star! surprised
Spaghetti Evil Report | 07/02/2014 1:30 am
big secrett
Master Gale Report | 06/13/2014 6:58 pm
Murder la Murder
Cream-tan Report | 05/25/2014 9:54 pm
I forgot. someone made it for me for free a long time ago. I just remember pasting is on my profile thingy.
Cream-tan Report | 05/12/2014 12:15 am
Cream-tan Report | 05/12/2014 12:12 am
I already ate it. ;P
Cream-tan Report | 05/11/2014 11:46 pm
You can't cuz it's all mine :v
Cream-tan Report | 05/11/2014 11:24 pm
you're lacking caxx?

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Cb Lord

so,about me
i'm a 06'er
i like anime,watch anime alot.
i play p3/4,psvita,3ds.
psn=p_pp3t,3ds code in sig
i'm mostly in the cb,anime,naruto forums
i like all music,im into techno/anime type mostly.
i'm currently watching hunterXhunter,sao2,i am
about to start ikitousen 2nd and 3rd seasons
as well as queens blade,possibly agame no kill