Just recently got back into gaia.
I've starting RP-ing as well.
I'm more into group rps than one on one's through pm's.
I'm in college so my schedule is a lil hectic, forgive me if I take too long to reply but I try to do it every 2 days or so.


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AH. Dude so I saw that you went and saw inside out, which omg the feels/creys right?!
CONGRATS ON A NEW JOB! WOOO! Hopefully it'll be easy! Mail room doesn't sound horrendous at all C: #proudmamafeels
haha and thanks once again! it was a good birthday!

ugh and idk if i'll be able to legit get a post up this week. lolol i keep saying that but dang my math final was hard and then we're starting math 20 on monday (legit crying) and then i have to write my art paper. I'm starting to do that over the weekend, so penny will hvae to wait a bit :C

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Omg has it been a year?! Well it's been a good year for a good friendship! <3


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dude anyway you write it will be amazing! i absolutely love the way you write candace's! so no worries like I said how you'll portray her. i know its not going to be 100% me writing, but I know you write epically and amazingly so you can have free reign to do what you want and I'll catch on with writing another post when I can! haha

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haha yeah, i'll see what I can type... probably a few sentences/outline for you! that way you can work with it c:

aww my math teacher is really cool, she's just giving us more because its the home stretch for math 10; next thursday is our final exam (kind of like midterms i guess) and then after next week I'll be starting math 20. D:

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crying because i probably won't be able to type pennies post till tomorrow evening :C
if I can't write it at all, i'll let you know so you can feel free to post what you want for her! hopefully you're not too bogged down with homework. :c my math teacher just put a ton down before i head out for the art museum on saturday.

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Ahh. Yeah I haven't been on till now, and I'm probs not going to be able to make a post for this week! I've been busy helping my dad with our backyard fence with repairing & what not. I'm SUPER SORE AH.
But I think I told you Thursday/Friday of this week I'll be able to and then Saturday I'm gone to a art museum, and then this week & next week I have exams each thursday for math. :C

So hopefully I'll be able to type one up this thurs. P:
I'll let you knowww!

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hahaha. yeah I would if I had $150 to pull it.

it sucks to have no job/insurance to pay for it. and the parentals unfortunately can't afford it either /: My mom has a cracked filling, whit just cracked her tooth the day before I had mine. :C

I just want braces wah. i can hardly eat anything either because of how jcaked up my teeth are. ugh. sucks to be poooor

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      So I probably won't be able to get the post up because DUN DUN DUNN family s**t has been brought up and somehow I got dragged into it. My anxiety is super flared and i'm just so over all this.

      But no fretting, I'll get you an outline so please feel free to act as Penny and do whatever you want with her <3 I know she's in good hands! haha. On the other hand some of that art homework is freed up. But still got lots of reading to do before Wednesday. :<

      <3 THANK YAAA

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      Yeah, I feel bad and will probably post in the OOC. S:
      I'll try to do an outline though. I still have to read Karla's post, so if you posted again I'll have to go back and read. P:

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      Sorry I've been on and off of here. I'm swamped in art history homework/studying for its first exam; there's so much to read and remember so I'm not sure how much posting I'll be able to do this week. I'll try tomorrow to make something but can't count on it since I have lots to study for S:


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