Just recently got back into gaia.
I've starting RP-ing a lot as well.


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IT IS. and it was in a matter of minutes. so when I go in I guess I'll have to tell them about it stare
omg sorry. and nawwhh the burns arent too bad, but it hurts for a couple of days after. im not gonna have normal skin anymore ;-;
like i dont even want to eat pizza anymore, im so sick of making, cooking, and looking at it.

I just barely made it through, i wanted to legit cry in the bathroom because i had to work with my mean lod S:
plus on top of that i didnt get my first break so i was all naseous and dizzy feeling. I wanted to eat so bad D:

AND YASSS> I will. I'll probably talk to you tomorrow if I'm not doing anything on my day off lol So I get the next 2 days to veg, thank the lord. This week is crazy with hours, and then thankfully next week it calms down & they aren't so long which is fine by me. But then again, idk if I'll be there because the stupid LODs that I need to talk to aren't ever there

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bahaha right! im so ready for college and thats totally sad for me to say because i usually hate going. but in this case...

but i had to close the cafe by myself to day and i'm so ******** done. like legit done. i ripped back my right thumb nail & skinned the top part of it off from a stupid squirt bottle. and then I burnt my legs with hot water from the pretzel warmer or w/e its called. and then burnt my left hand from marinara sauce.

plus i had difficult people and my boss left me pretty much all day and was rude as usual. then our machines were breaking down and we were running out of things to put into the oven. ugh. and here I thought it was a piece of cake, uhhh no. I'd rather open. and I have to talk with LODs on weds when i go in, but if they tell me i cant im resigning because of y'know why haha. so if i did anything wrong tonight i dont giev a care because im so depressed as it is anyways.

im so exhausted and I still have to do math tomorrow D: I have those 4 hours to do for my credit ;-;

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haha aww. dude I've been getting rare things here & there. I just got the Astra: Waving Black and White Cat Tail now. <3

and i shall *rubs luck all over* whee

I dont have anything planned besides getting 4ish more hours of math done so I have the completed amount of hours to get my units for this semester xD other than that, maybe read, watch some videos, maybe play videogames? idk. i'm just happy to be offfff

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omg dude, the dumpster guy loves me. I just got Cool Triangular Beat Style from him. ITS 1.6 MILLION GOLD.
Its super cute as well. Finally an item I will keep LOL

AND IM OFF FOR 2 DAYYYYS. hallelujah. So I should be on maybe later today or early tomorrow morning to chat xD

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I'm just honestly so glad I can vent. Even my dad and mom are concerned because I've only been there for a few days, and I shouldn't be having this much put on my plate at once. Especially when you just start at a job, retail or not. Which I'm usually cool with a lot on my plate/multitasking and I can get things done in a timely manner, its just this has been the worst case in my life.

She's an older lady, but it really doesn't give her any right to demean and place blame on me because I'm the new person. There's another girl there who was hired on as a cashier, but she's cross-training in the cafe and has been at Target for 2 weeks before I came in and started working there. Yeah, and I'm trying my best and hardest to not let my APD get in the way but it does. Ever since I found out about having APD, it hasn't made me feel a whole ton better about myself at a job or school. But even telling her about school, I stayed firm with my word because I want out for one (its been 4 years already, its about damn time I get out lol) and not only do I need to finish, I have life goals I need to achieve. I don't need Target - I just need to help myself before others. So yeah it's life, hopefully she'll deal with it. If I'm there for another couple of weeks she won't like me even more because I have to figure out when I can take a math class and work around my other night courses. Plus there's field trips I'll have to take, so I'm honestly not caring what she thinks of me. She's so two-faced. Ugh.

I've talked with my hiring manager and oh my gosh she is so sweet, but she can't do anything about it. I have to talk to our LOD's that are higher up within our store. Which I already talked to one of them partially the other day, but my anxiety was so raised that I just had to get out of the store and come home and rest. So I'll talk fully with Lydia (the other LOD lol) on Monday. I'll have to suffer 2 days, but I guess its worth it to voice my concerns to her and see what she says.

Aww and don't be sorry. I don't know wether I did this to myself because its a lesson to learn or not. I just hate their 90 days rule because I applied for hardlines and starbucks originally. When my application expired the day I got hired, they called me about my application that I put in months ago for starbucks. And then after they told me it was for cafe. So when I went back on and re-did it, I still applied for starbucks... so I have no idea what happened there. But I can't work underneath another LOD unless I switch to a different position.

I usually do take notes, but I'm really good with hands on types of things. Its easier to show me things and I'll remember them other than demanding that I know things, or that I can/can't ask questions. It's so confusing Alana, there's so much more that happened that day than what I said to you earlier. But I do work with a few others who've shown me things, but even they said it's going to take me a month so don't feel awful for asking questions. It's like thanks guys, but I still hardly remember anything from our computer training or some of the things they've said to me.

And yes me too! I desperately need a place that's not going to make me feel like I'm dumb. I know I'm not, but that's how it feels. I'll give Vans a call on Monday because they haven't called me back and I really wanted to work there, so I'm just going to tell them that I passed on the position at Target.

And omg I'm so sorry for this being long. It feels good just to get it all out lol I've been on here and there on skype/computer.

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im really trying to be. im just at a loss for words anymore at my target. i click with a few of the gals there, but my leader on duty (LOD) made me feel like everything was my fault the other day. she just put me down a lot and said a lot of stuff there was my fault, and then contradicted herself saying i could and couldnt ask her things. school isn't important and that I cant change my availability after they hired me because i said I had it "open." that it was my hiring managers and my fault that I didnt get scheduled correctly because she didnt want to do all the breakfast food items.

ugh. im just done and i've only been there 6 times total. this week is going to be hell if i work with her. im not doing well with it at all like I thought I was. my anxiety has been raised every single time i go in because of me not remembering anything and then i feel stupid for asking them thiings over. but its going ot take me time to learn everything 100%.

i've applied for other places at this point because my higher up peoples wont switch me for 90 days and they dont (more like are lazy) want to hire another person to take my position if I switched over. so i'm praying, wishing, and hoping that someone calls me back because im so fed up and just shut down.

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omg im so behind in your thread & for my other otp. I'm trying so hard to do so much and i feel like I'm failing at everything. heart
not sure why I took on this job. hah, actually I didn't apply for this job originally. i applied for the starbucks like I told you, and then after my app expired on said date, target online set me up for failure by somehow sticking me into the cafe.

and omg i've gotten over 4 tips from my colin comment in the MC unsealed thread. lolol like what. o and i got the achievement for it too.

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Please tell me I'm not crazy and that this months MC male looks LIKE COLIN.


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how is that post coming along? emotion_zzz

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omg im sorry for not coming back on D:

I was planning on it and then we endedup eating dinner and watching some shows P:



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