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Birthday: 11/22

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Hello Sweetie


I am pieces of quotes
from my favorite books
stitched together by
song lyrics
and I am glued together by
midnight conversations
and the sweet taste of coffee

and I have this tendency
to fall apart suddenly
and I need you to somehow
be okay with this
because I am created by
the souls who are brave enough
to gather all my tattered pieces
and put them back together

and oh, God, how I would love
to be whole again.

☆ ┊ ┊┊

With Love Always,

I could handle your tortured heart
Even piece it together whenever you ripped it apart
But I could never be that kind of girl
Who absorbs that kind of suffering
And turns it in to some kind of pearl



I live in the clouds. Reality is not for me. People say I should come down. That the clouds are not a place for grown ups to be. I smile at them. Maybe I say, maybe one day I will come down. But I never will. Reality is not for me. I shall stay up here. The view is rather breathtaking.