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Nujabes - World's End Rhapsody: RIP Seba. We'll miss you so much.

Portal 2 end song - Want You Gone (it's funny if you've played the game)


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Zandy Report | 01/20/2015 4:42 pm
Well I'm glad you won back then because you seem like a person who puts effort in their avatars and don't just make avatars using the "popular" items. I like those avatars the best because they look original and they always stand out 3nodding .

But yeah, I agree with that. I find it difficult to not use a mod these days, especially with regards to legs because all of the pants I like I've already used and I want to venture into making avatars that don't all look the same, but then again like you said, there's a lot of mods out there and they themselves limit creativity in a sense because they reduce the effort in finding pants/shoes that work, or sleeves/gloves (for arm mods), etc...
Zandy Report | 01/20/2015 4:31 am
It seems as though these days that if you don't campaign users to see your avatar and vote, then it's hard to make it in the top 10 when so many avatars gets swallowed up by group submissions made by some of the same people who win all the time xd . I am in the same boat as you though.
Zandy Report | 01/19/2015 9:46 pm
Well every time I've seen your avatar they always looked like unique characters nonetheless 3nodding . Do you ever submit to the original section of the arenas?
Zandy Report | 01/19/2015 9:41 pm
Gah, as soon as an episode ended I stopped watching until the next so I never actually heard the first ending xd .

I must ask though, is your avatar a cosplay of a character?
Zandy Report | 01/19/2015 9:37 pm
Thank you for your really kind comment Catalyste =)! This is actually an old avatar that I put on because some people wanted to see it xd .
Fox on Stilts Report | 12/11/2014 12:04 pm
You are very welcome ^^
Chrissy The Hippy Report | 11/18/2014 11:29 am
Thank you so much! The more people that take it, the better. emotion_bigheart
Chrissy The Hippy Report | 11/17/2014 10:34 pm
Thank you for taking the time to complete it! emotion_bigheart
Lord Elwrind Report | 10/21/2014 12:24 am
OH! Very cool! Well in that case, call him!
Lord Elwrind Report | 10/20/2014 11:44 pm
Long-term sub position? To what? I would be very careful about things like that if I were you. Question it. Question everything!

Sega Saturn Bootleg Sampler II Menu Music (Been looking for this for years!)

Virgo Whiskers

Avatar Art

Thank you, ThanatosRising! I love this!

Thank you, Giraffics!

Thank you, Mangacide!

You guys...the raccoon....OMG!

Bleeding....this is just (expletive) sexy, man!