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Nujabes - World's End Rhapsody: RIP Seba. We'll miss you so much.

Portal 2 end song - Want You Gone (it's funny if you've played the game)


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Yilanti Midnight Report | 06/17/2016 10:58 am
Thank you!! I will definitely check it out heart
Nyadriel Report | 05/27/2016 1:25 am
Oh yay! Summer vacation!!
Nyadriel Report | 05/26/2016 4:38 pm
Finished with finals?
Akabi Yoru Report | 04/22/2016 2:13 pm

Your current avatar amuses me to no end. Well played surprised

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Reina Brujita Report | 04/21/2016 12:14 pm
Thank you so much for buying!
Chocobo Princess Report | 03/31/2016 2:45 pm
That's a mighty fine hat.

Is it Unification Day already?
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 03/17/2016 7:24 pm
I love your avatar!
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 03/07/2016 11:28 am
omg, I went over the character limit. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Here was the end:

Which, of course, carries the danger that an antiprogressive candidate could get through and fill the Supreme Court with justices who will undo the progress we've made since the '60s.

I think the thing that could really save us is to really expose how the rich and powerful elite of this country are manipulating people to turn against anyone perceived as an "other" just so they can snatch our money while we're all looking the other way.
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 03/07/2016 11:27 am
I started to reply to your comment and then after working on it off and on for a while I realized I wrote a book, sorry! :sweat:

I read an interesting piece on this stuff last night. It was about people with authoritarian tendencies and how they tend to vote for a "strong" leader like Drumpf when they feel threatened by some outside force. Right now we have internal social changes occurring all the time - changes that are long overdue but that freak out certain types of (usually) heterosexual, Christian white people, particularly males. Plus now you add in the extra threat of terrorism/ISIS/whatever, now they feel like they're being attacked from within and outside.

LGBT rights, women's rights, acceptance of non-Christian religions, movements like Black Lives Matter. and immigration/Syrian refugees are all agitating that portion of our population, and right-wing politicians capitalize on that by targeting white working-class and lower-middle-class people and manipulating them into voting Republican by telling them that "the minorities" are the reason why their economic standing sucks and the country is falling apart. Meanwhile, it's the corporations and billionaires who keep buying those politicians who are actually eating up all the money and making the country fall apart. They like a stupid electorate and so they deny the findings of climate science and social science and vilify intellectualism and cloak this backwards thinking in religious language so the target demographic eats it up instead of thinking about it too hard. People like me probably infuriate them more than anything - My parents raised me with all the groundwork to become an authoritarian, and if I hadn't gone to college and just.. exposed myself to different places and different opinions, I probably would be in their camp right now. I'm a white person on the very bottom rung of middle class; I'm who they want on their side. Having a lot of people attending higher education isn't in their best interest.

The article referenced a study that found there are people with authoritarian tendencies and also people with nonauthoritarian tendencies who can get "triggered" to vote like authoritarians by perceived threats to the safety of the status quo. This problem crosses party lines and is more about the perceived threat and loss of security than about real policy matters. That's why scared, mostly Caucasian people are clamoring for him even harder, the more filth he spouts out of his mouth. We need to fight the systemic ignorance that creates this attitude, because while there might not be enough of them to win a general election in the current two-party system (I hope!), there may be enough of them to fracture the major parties even more and cause us to end up with a 3-party system, which could further split votes and give them a better chance of winning seats, especially in Congress. And a Congress full of Drumpfesque Tea Partiers will do nothing but further obstruct progress, as the current Republican-controlled Congress shows us.

I like to think that Americans are smart enough to band together against candidates like Drumpf... I'm sure more will come out of the woodwork now that he's set the table, unless the parties take action against campaigns like his, but then the public is so fed up with party corruption that I fear that if they tried to enact commonsense rules against using fascism as a campaign promise, people would equate that with rigging the election. I want people to unite behind candidates like Bernie, who want to work towards a strong economy for all, social justice and civil rights, and the eradication of corporate money in politics, but my fear is that we're going to end up having to take a step backwards as far as social justice and civil rights, and rally behind candidates who compromise on some of those issues if we want to put a stop to the authoritarian threat. Which, of course, carries the danger that an antiprogressive candida
Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 03/03/2016 11:23 pm
Seriously! People's ignorance continues to astound me every day. I found out the other day that my mom supports him. I knew she'd gone all whackadoo conspiracy theorist, but I didn't realize how far off the rails she'd gone. I lost an old friend of mine from high school over it the other day, too. He's been a Drumpf supporter for months, and finally he and my husband got into an argument on Facebook because my friend insisted that Drump was right to propose committing war crimes. My husband is normally a kitten, but he was being a little bit of a hardass in trying to appeal to his morality and prove the point that that was uncivilized and such. In the end, he basically told him to get offa' my lawn. xd My friend then sent me a very polite message to say he was unfriending me because my husband doesn't like him right now and he didn't want to cause marital strife between us.

Murder At Mystery Manor: Win 1 Billion Gold!

Welcome to my little murder mystery game where one winner will win 1 billion gold.

How to play:

Place all characters in their correct rooms as well as linking the missing guest as the victim. Victims will not count as a person who can occupy a room. After you've figured out the answer, send me a PM and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong.

And if you're wrong, just try again!

First one to get it right, gets the gold!




The Guests

The Mansion

The Clues

E. Timmy was in the room above Moira.

Jet & Cygnus didn't like being in a kids room.

No one was above the the 3rd floor.

M. Loyal was enjoying a good book.

E. Bunny and Brennivin were on the same floor.

Rina tried to impress her favorite movie star in a hallway.

The Conservatory has a body in it.

Radio Jack was in a room next to the one Ron Bruise was in.

Dr. Singh decided to get ready for dinner.

Moira was in the Western-most room.

Most of the rooms were occupied by two people.

Brennivin knew his two other cohorts were on either side of where he was.

No one knew that Meredith was alone in the room West of Liam.

Stein was at the opposite end of Singh's location.

Gino is not on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floors.

The missing guest was last seen on the first floor.

Josie and Rufus had two floors between them.

The kitchen had a human and an animal in it.

Liam & company were doing push-ups outside of two rooms.

Edmund surprised his guest when he spoke French.

Digiorno Lee did not do it.

Sega Saturn Bootleg Sampler II Menu Music (Been looking for this for years!)

Virgo Whiskers

Avatar Art

Thank you, ThanatosRising! I love this!

Thank you, Giraffics!

Thank you, Mangacide!

You guys...the raccoon....OMG!

Bleeding....this is just (expletive) sexy, man!