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Kioku's Journal

For all those who are curious enough to be interested in me (curiosity killed the cat, sad to say), here's a journal of stuff.


Welcome to my life

I am formerly known as Reject Persocom, iAmRepo, The Starry Night Sky, and Astral Felidae! C:
Galactic Kitty is my mule~
Gaian since '07!
I see you've stumbled upon my profile.
I guess that means you want to know something about me. well...

I am a 24 year old college graduate with two bachelors degrees (music and creative writing). I'm currently working full time as a preschool teacher, and I'm hoping to establish my own music program at the facility I work at.
I am married to my best friend and the love of my life. That being said, I am also polyamorous. Yay!
I'm in a pretty sweet Skacore band called Younger Than Neil (and no, we're not a Neil Young cover band). Check us out on Bandcamp~
I am also a huge video game geek, some of my favorites being LoZ:OoT, LoZ:MM, Pokemon (any), members of the Tales of series (my favorites being Symphonia and Abyss... could you have guessed?), the Elder Scrolls series (namely Oblivion, though Skyrim was alright), Night in the Woods (gregg rulez ok) and The Last of Us (PART II HYPE). I love talking about games - feel free to talk about my faves and introduce me to new ones!
And I also love cats. Cats are the greatest gift man has ever received. I have two fur-babies.

that's probably more than you ever wanted to know
If you really want to know more about me then message me
I don't bite

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My love

the husband

Yes, hello, this is me