I know you'll see the heart beneath each line you read

I want to be your prince in shining armor, to be the one that guards you from dangers and darkness. I want to be your Romeo that dies for you. I want to be your senpai and secret admirer.
Can't a girl be a prince?

My name is pronounced; Cast-Lee or Castle-E.
Castleeeyyyyyyy~! <3

I've got many passions;

Equestrian rider
Romance writer
Video gamer
Guinea pig care taker

There's some things that make me a squealing school girl;

Elizauuuuu. <3
The Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
Tom Hiddleston

Things that make me an obsessive lunatic;

Cacti & carnivorous plants
Pastels (Pink & Blue)
Tim Burton films, Studio Ghibli, Disney
Sims 4 & Skyrim
Exotic pets!

Other interests;
Marine biology
Green Houses

Getting into detail about me... n //u//n

I'm lesbian- but I do love some fictional men.
I am single.
I'm the most romantic and passionate person you'll ever meet.
Friendships and relationships are uber important to me, as much as family. Including the friends and relationships I have online.
I'm not the sweetest pea in the pod.
Y'know how people have a sweet tooth? All my teeth are sweet teeth!
I love to be called a prince, king, handsome, gentlemen and etc. <3

I absolutely adore meeting people and making new friends; so send me a pm right nao!

Cute Elizau Fanclub

I am president of the Cute Elizau Fanclub. <3
I have created it on November 23rd.
Our soul purpose is to adore and fawn over Elizau's cuteness, and tell her how cute she is despite how much she denies it! This is what we stand for, people!

Our members;
Vice President - KounetsuDeb
Placement Undetermined - loveless9003
Club Squid - Kaoru Getto
Grunt - Reyna Al-Sora

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