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About "The Talented One"

Hi everybody!
Hmm, I have been told to write something about myself that I would like to share with you guys. However, I do not think that I should tell you about all the murders and drug offences I have committed! I joke, I joke....but seriously never ask me about them. razz

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Cartwright's Journal of Stuff!

My journal will be full of my thoughts on whatever I am thinking about at the time......just like everybody else's then!

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Ryan Ryback Reeves Report | 05/17/2017 6:48 pm
Ryan Ryback Reeves
I was hoping you would know some people xD seeing as you're a Gaia veteran O.O
Ryan Ryback Reeves Report | 05/17/2017 4:14 am
Ryan Ryback Reeves
Yeah that's because I allow both created and real wrestlers to be used and most people want to be a real. That's why I need more people like you in the guild lol so I'd like it if you could recruit some people too wink
Ryan Ryback Reeves Report | 05/14/2017 2:35 pm
Ryan Ryback Reeves
I just wanted to give the guild a new look. Plus, GWE isn't original, I wanted to be original.
Ryan Ryback Reeves Report | 05/13/2017 3:33 pm
Ryan Ryback Reeves
Proving Grounds. GWE (renamed to RPM).

Check out the revamp.
Ryan Ryback Reeves Report | 05/13/2017 1:13 pm
Ryan Ryback Reeves
Will you be debuting at the PPV?
GhostlyNapkin Report | 04/30/2017 3:34 pm
Just that she was never really my friend and she overreacted and everything siiigh this situation is poop
GhostlyNapkin Report | 04/28/2017 2:48 pm
Yeah thats true, I'm still pretty upset about it :/ I went ahead and posted about it in the life issue forums to see if I made the right choice/understand why she reacted this way cause I'm full of mixed feelings
GhostlyNapkin Report | 04/28/2017 2:30 pm
I sent here a very very very long messaging talking about how I picked someone over her because they could make time to help me plan for my wedding and how I don't want this be the end of our friendship and trying to get her to understand but she just replied with a thumbs up and said "You've abused my 4 years of friendship" when we've actually been friends for 5 years :/ I ended up blocking her because I was so angry at her for not understand and making me feel like poop
The Mad Land Monarch Report | 04/28/2017 2:13 pm
The Mad Land Monarch
Cyrus Darke it is then.
Asylum Renegade Report | 04/28/2017 1:21 pm
Asylum Renegade
I've been just writing and see what stories develop as I write really see what comes naturally out of everything


The Extraordinary Englishman!
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Why do work today when you can do it tomorrow?