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I don't like to go to the movies purely because I can film better content in a pitch black room. And you'd pay double to see it.

If ever I was to marry, she'd be a smart, strong, and endearing Sea Scorpion Goddess with keys to all the ATMs. True story.

Sometimes when its late at night and I have nothing to do, I like to continue doing nothing. NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

Find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have.. germs. That has germs on it.

When my mom told me clean my room as a child I liked to pretend she said eat cereal for lunch and watch cartoons. She wasn't a fan of that.

I don't like chocolate and I hate everything you like. Fite me!

I have a resistance to stupid people, but a weakness for cute dumb things. At some point I'll have to contradict myself.

On this upcoming holiday I'll be firing up the grill for the occasion. Today on the other hand, I'll be firing up the grill. LIKE USUAL. #pitmasterbruh


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From Rain to Glass and Back again.

Your mind should be open..



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Realpolidik Report | 08/12/2017 6:03 am
Thank you for your purchase! heart
Splodges Report | 04/01/2017 3:55 pm
Aww man I hope you're feeling better. I feel alright now. Thanks. ^.^

Lololololol. And Walmart is always slashing those prices. rofl
Splodges Report | 03/29/2017 9:54 pm
I love corn bread. Right now I'm just hanging in my room. Not entirely feeling that well. Luckily I manage to take my medicine on time. ^.^

Well that's good now you have backup rings. ^.^
Splodges Report | 03/27/2017 1:55 pm
Oh did you sell your rings from before? I kept all of mine. Luckily. I still had hopes for this game. I'm also glad that it's back. I play zOMG off and on. It's hard for me to find anyone to play with. I'd like to play with my friends, but I never know when they're on.

I have to go make dinner. I think I'm going to make cheese noodles, and corn and something else. Not sure yet. I'm glad that you're well though. ^.^
Splodges Report | 03/26/2017 8:45 pm
Ohh okay. Well that's good to know. ^.^

I haven't turned my pill box into a necklace. I kind of forgot about that. I have been lately been doing pretty good on taking my medicine on time, if not a little late.

Welcome back!! We actually just got a new modem box, because the one we had originally..apparently they stopped using it three years ago. So it got replaced with a new one by the cable company. Which is cool. We also got new cable boxes so we can watch tv now. The other tv boxes we had, were rubbish. We couldn't really watch tv with them. So they got replaced with better ones.
Splodges Report | 01/17/2017 1:16 am
How much do they cost? Mine was a gift so I have no idea. I think mine was used maybe? Cause when I took mine out of the box it had two hand written notes on the wires saying that they went to the FC Twin.

I actually have a pill box with a Boston Terrier on it. I may just use that then! Thanks for the idea~
Splodges Report | 01/16/2017 11:01 pm
Aww so you're saying they don't last that long? I have a few games. I have..Friday the 13th(that one is hard. I don't even understand it), Ren and Stimpy, Ahh Real Monsters, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World, The Jungle Book, and Goof Troop.

Oh like put it in a little pill box necklace like thing? I don't have one of those, I'd have to look for one.

How have you been doing?
Splodges Report | 12/29/2016 7:47 am
They're both fun games. I like them. I got a FC Twin for Christmas from my best friend. I got some good games too for it as well. So I've been playing on that.

How was your Christmas besides warm? It got cool today. emotion_kirakira We really needed this cool breeze. All the humidity was making the house feel muggy inside. Which made me feel all gross. >.<

I'm glad you're doing well. I may just need to do more than just a alarm for my meds. Like my alarm goes off to tell me to take my meds, but I get caught up at times with what I'm doing that I forget to. sweatdrop
Splodges Report | 12/25/2016 5:03 am
Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Christmas!~

It was warm and humid down over here. It's cool for ya'll?

I haven't played Summoner's War in forever. I should redownload that game. I was playing Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) earlier as well as The Walking Dead: No Man's Land.

I've been doing okay. It's already 7am and I haven't slept yet. All because I forgot to take my darn meds tonight. Ugh. Why me? gonk How have you been doing?
Splodges Report | 12/16/2016 10:27 pm
Hey! It's been a while. How have you been doing?



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