A) I'm a sixteen year old girl obsessed with philosophy, chess, books and all things deep/intellectual.
B) I was born in Turkey but grew up in Saudi, Dubai and Canada.
C) I'm an atheist.
D) I remember every single one of my dreams.
E) I used to play a lot of video games. I've somehow narrowed it down to just Civ V and FTL.
F) I have two fish named Winston Churchill and John Locke. Aristotle died.
G) My favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty, and the Game of Thrones.
H) I speak English, Turkish and French.
I) I am lazy and like to lie down on tables.
J) I haven't ever had a friend I could trust and tell everything.
K) I feel so much older than my actual age.
L) I like long conversations, plants, fish, the color green, running, sleeping, pretty sights, history, law, debate, discussions, reading, the rain, writing, drawing and basketball.
M) I don't like swimming, fish, mushrooms, loud places, crowded places, slow people, blindly following rules/orders, liars.
N) My positives: I'm honest, I'm confident, a good artist, a thinker, I like listening and learning.
O) My negatives: I'm impatient, I'm a hypocrite, I like being in control, I'm paranoid, I'm a pessimist, I'm forgetful and therefore repetitive, and I trust people too easily.