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Not really much to say. I'm a freak. smilies/icon_razz.gif


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Crabkri Report | 10/04/2015 9:14 am
Are you still wanting the marionette item? I can go grab you one.
Crabkri Report | 10/01/2015 4:52 pm
Ashen Marionette!
Crabkri Report | 08/29/2015 7:05 pm
Very cute! What a nice interpretation.
Crabkri Report | 08/29/2015 4:33 pm
Most of my friends have reported that most Tavros cosplayers use gold shop hairs.
I think if your horn is one pixel off, people won't take too much notice of it! Your avi will not be shown in 200% mode anyways.
Unfortunately, the item you talked of is now 100bil. I would get it for you, but goodness, that's quite a lot, even for a charity!
If you see anything else you'd like, please do tell.
Crabkri Report | 08/29/2015 4:10 pm
For now, I use inventory search. It may not get every item out there, but it's the best we have for now.
Avi builder seems to be broken most of the time, unfortunately.
I will gladly fund you plenty of gold if you see something you'd like.
Crabkri Report | 08/29/2015 3:27 pm
Basically, you come in to my charity thread and state what you would like.
Then, I try and go get it for you.
I can also try and help you pick out what item you may be looking for.
By that, I mean, say you're looking for horns for Gamzee, but you know his horns are really, really expensive.
I would suggest Soulless Azrael Horns as a substitute. From there, I could easily get you those.
Crabkri Report | 08/28/2015 8:39 pm
What a cute avi!
I run an in-guild charity if you ever want help on getting parts of cosplays.
Crabkri Report | 08/20/2015 11:58 am
You've been accepted in-- feel free to post an introduction and look around. Thanks for joining!

Sometimes gaia puts up a very low GC requirement in a tiered rewards-- like, for instance, 10 GC.
That's when it is good to put up cheaper items in the marketplace for GC-- they count towards tiered.
Other than that, I don't see much use in it, since you can sell things bought in the cash shop for more than the ratio offers.
Crabkri Report | 08/20/2015 11:39 am
Ah, I see.
I came back from a hiatus that started in mid-2012 and ended back in march. There has certainly been a lot of change!
Unfortunately with the paying on the marketplace, the other person doesn't get cash-- they get the gold the item would be sold for.
At least they're slowing down the output of gold generators.
If there's anything I can help you with, do tell.
I'm also a mod at a homestuck community group here if you're interested in joining it.
Crabkri Report | 08/20/2015 11:32 am
To add color, just try this. Cross out "ayyy lmao" and fill it in with whatever you want.
[color=#6a006a]ayyy lmao[/color]

It's very nice meeting you, by the way!
How long have you been on gaia?


3DS FC: 2337-4475-8477
I have X and all gens starters so PM me if you want one.
I also have AC:NL with a constantly expanding catalogue.


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