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Hm. Must I talk about myself? Fine

Thirty-ish year old chick who is a gamer and a Role-Player.

I'm odd. I love Disneyland--though live in Northern California. I'm awesome. I'm bitchy, but only when need be and I am pretty much friendly, strangely enough.

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Bluevamp7275 Report | 05/13/2015 7:50 pm
thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_smile
Bevels3 Report | 05/11/2015 7:26 pm
Thank you. smile
Candycane Scartissue Report | 05/11/2015 4:24 pm
Candycane Scartissue
emotion_yatta heart
lukav4x Report | 05/10/2015 1:03 pm
thank you!
August Harume Report | 05/01/2015 7:30 pm
August Harume
Thank you for your purchase!!! 3nodding
Picasso_Esque Report | 04/24/2015 9:24 am
Thanks for buying smile
kyashi39 Report | 04/19/2015 12:38 am

redface glad you like Secret Rosette and can use it ^ q ^

~take care of it, i got it when i bought a bundle before... lols <3

Tsubaki Shion Report | 04/09/2015 5:52 pm
Tsubaki Shion

Thank you for buying~!
kyashi39 Report | 04/09/2015 7:28 am

OMFGGG LETS BE FRIENDS emotion_hug thank you very much!! T w T emotion_hug

~ships i sail~: D18, ShiZaya, SeCiel, TakanOdera, YuKisa, EruRi, KenShuu, KenKou, KenKishou, KenHide, RinHaru, ReiNagi, KuroKen, and more listed in my profile.
AzuHime Report | 04/04/2015 9:51 pm
Thank you very much for the gifts!

I don't know where it is located in the codes (it's in there!) but the layout credit goes to Lady Saxophone.

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