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Shadowrose188 Report | 05/05/2013 2:22 pm
Happy cinco de mayo! Have a wonderful day and awesome week.
Shadowrose188 Report | 04/06/2013 4:14 pm
Hello i love ur avatar i just love green speaking about my avatar i been buying item also i have won few bids. Now i need to figure out how to change my avatar anyway have a great day today!. wink
Shadowrose188 Report | 03/29/2013 3:42 pm
Happy Easter! My friend have a awesome day.
Shadowrose188 Report | 03/17/2013 4:35 pm
Happy St.Patrick's day! My friend. smile
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/28/2013 11:37 pm
I'm about to give up everytime i try to send a message. i have made changes to my acct.. Nothing isn't working at all.
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/27/2013 4:11 pm
I will try again send u my profile character normally i don't have this problem when i send messages to others. I will check my setting too i love ur new name its awesome.
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/26/2013 5:32 pm
I'm sorry i've tried to send u my profile character i guess site isn't letting me. I have no idea where to sent it at.
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/23/2013 7:41 pm
Must have got wrong thread i look under the AS thread i got confused. I was wondering can i just make up a character?
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/22/2013 5:13 pm
I just found that threat and read all rules i'll send u a charactar profile. Probably be rukia or ichigo I think it will pick up in ur guild i hope. Have awesome weekend and week!
Shadowrose188 Report | 02/21/2013 6:29 pm
Hello i need help picking out a character in ur guild i don't what to do. Have great day today! smile

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