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Age// 2o
DoB// April 14 1989
DoG// February o7 2oo4
Gender// Female
Religion// Atheist

Manga// One Piece
Anime// Mushishi
TV show// Sherlock
Cartoon// South Park
Book// The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
Game// Assassin's Creed
Band// Kamelot

Hello! I'm Captain Sway! Otherwise known as Captain Sway, The Red Phoenix, Claire Soluna Lucifel Feenicks VII, Akuma no Hikari, and many other names. I'm the Queen of the Seas, Princess of Xavios, and the Flame in the Sky. Beware me hearties, for I am a Pirate.

On Gaia, I have an unhealthy obsession with Ian von Helson. Well... maybe not as unhealthy as some, but still. Speak ill of him at ye own risk! D<

Offline, I'm a biochemistry major in my third year of college. Someday, I hope to work in forensics for the government, be a researcher or something. I'm also taking Japanese at the moment, so I'm learning little by little. Hopefully, I'll be awesome enough to translate things. >w< I'm an artist and a writer by hobby, though I suck at finishing things. xD Also, if you haven't noticed by now, I tend to overuse emotes all the time. I can't help it! I'm an emotional person! If I don't use emotes... that's when you should be scared. >D

If you have any questions, please just ask. If it's about friend requests, sorry. I don't add people unless I know them, or have been talking with them for a while. I also don't do donations. And if it's about my profile, I spent many, MANY hours working on it. Don't steal it please!

More to this will be added eventually~

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-Ian's Underwear
-Picolotrosso's Urn (Any Gen) x 2
-Enchanted Book (Any Gen)
-Inari's Beads (Any Gen)
-Nano-C (Any Gen)
-Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (Any Gen)
-Anything on my wishlist


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Captain Sway's Daily Plunders

I am Captain Sway, also known as the Red Phoenix. This is my story of pirates and life amongst them....



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Thanks for buying Dear! 3nodding

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Thanks so much for buying!
Mad Cynic

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Mad Cynic

Still mad at me?

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I wanted so I bought ^^

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o____o; what item?

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< A<
Unknown Variable

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Unknown Variable


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Hello, I decided to visit the artists who drew art for me. You're one of them! Merry X-mas!!
[Hazy Kasumi]

Report | 12/14/2009 3:06 pm

[Hazy Kasumi]

I'm so busy with the musical auditions and college apps. xP
But how are you? n.n
[Hazy Kasumi]

Report | 12/13/2009 1:37 pm

[Hazy Kasumi]

I miss you, Sway. <3