Hello my name is Ash,
I'm a grandma on gaia.
I pay my own bills. I'm a full time student with a job. gg my life.
I do arts. I plays games.
Please don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite :c

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Valkyrie Aryn Report | 09/17/2016 12:43 pm
Aw, yay! I didn't think you considered us very close anymore. emo
You're a good person, Ash! Both you and your username make me smile. Hahaha
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 09/16/2016 7:19 pm
Yes it does sad
Thank you very much! It means a lot coming from you.
I can't believe how long it's been since we were best friends. I remember when I called you "Captain Ashington" for the very first time when you, me, and Ben had pirate avatars on. I was blown away when you actually changed your username to that. Hahaha heart
I'm glad to see that you're still doing well.
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 09/16/2016 11:28 am
She's doing really well! Growing faster than I ever imagined crying
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 09/15/2016 9:59 pm
Miss you. 3nodding
RoboSlayerZ Report | 08/01/2016 9:07 pm
nice dude! That sounds like the life! c: Another dope stream once again. lol
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 07/29/2016 4:34 pm
Thank you! Isn't she?! emotion_kirakira
I'm trying to figure out how to make gold on this website without paying actual cash and it doesn't seem doable... How the hell am I supposed to buy items anymore?! gonk
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 07/29/2016 3:05 pm
Would any of them know me? Kyrie is at that age where I have more free time on my hands, so I'm trying to get my life back together mrgreen
RoboSlayerZ Report | 07/29/2016 8:24 am
Gg best stream of all time 10/10 will watch again. For real tho, it was a pretty good stream. Are planning on doing one again? k bye. c:
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 07/29/2016 6:02 am
Are you still friends with any of our old friends?
Valkyrie Aryn Report | 07/28/2016 7:14 pm
So I finally have internet at my apartment emotion_awesome
I'm trying to become Gaia-savvy again aaaand it's totally not working. I feel like I don't fit in at all anymore. Lmfao

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