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My name is Jack from the street where its hard to make a dollar at that will be philly. I'm single looking for the right girl to make happy. African American and proud to be one. Hit my pm up if you will like to kno my age confidential lol. Play basketball and football and good in both of them CHECK ROCK. Also i like to watch tv have a couple favorite show. Don't like lairs ppl that stare me in the face and lie to me go kill yaself man. Fake Ppl Juss Stay Away Please Can't take the drama leave it for ya momma. Always on chill mode hard to get me off of it no drama here. Thinking about going into the military National Guard Tryna Weight my options. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram hit me up if you wan it.

Now If You Finishing Reading GET THE ******** OUT MY PAGE b***h!

Capt_Jack Jr


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