Life, as they say, is like a dream...you get good dreams, nightmares, the occasional sex dreams, the "deja vu" dreams, or plain old blank dreams. All through life you pass through these dreams, and they change in a flash...from good dreams to nightmares with no disregard to anyone else. So much these dreams affect us that, in some cases we devote our life on pursuing it, being good or bad. We go as far as trying to imitate them, which in some cases we see ourselves from the view of an outside camera. By what we see from this out-of-body experience we analyze our actions, and truly decide what to do next; whether keep dreaming away in happiness or just wake up from the dream and face the harshness of reality head on. So it just boggles down to two kinds of people: dreamers or headstrongs. Ultimately we never know what kind of people we are until we cross between either decision: dream away or wake up? In my personal opinion , I dream every minute of life; I see the world with the many posibilities that life offers us, which in turn leads me to wake up, and face my problems and occurences. Still one can't help but dream...

Capn Apocalypse

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