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            {Song: Glass - Bat For Lashes 18}

            |-Interesting Tidbit of the Day: I fully support the sealhunt. Not many people realise the importance of the seal industry and its impact on the coastal and aborigonal communities that depend on it for their livelyhood and income. Get Educated, Support the Seal Hunt smilies/icon_3nodding.gif -|

            |--NEWS: TABLET BACK UP AND RUNNING AS OF 05/20/11 YUUUSSS; new profile on the way?! --|

            I am a sardonic person, and I love to poke holes in arguments.
            The visual arts are a significant aspect in my life. I spend most of my free-time taking pictures and drawing. I (like to think I) excel at drawing the traditional way but my sketchbook is like a diary and therefore I never share it. My tablet drawings are rather crude and rudimentary and therefore I don't mind sharing them. I know they are silly.

            -My Birthday
            -->Russian <3
            -->German <3
            --> Icelandic
            --> Gaelige
            -->Montreal <3
            -->France <3
            -->Italy <3
            -->New York <3

            My favorite artists are:
            -Mark Ryden
            -Ray Caesar
            -Esao Andrews
            -James Jean

            Favourite T.V. Shows
            -Departures <--- <3
            -Mantracker <--- lol.
            -Mock the Week
            -Top Gear

            My favourite website are:
            -Hark! A Vagrant!


            I will [do pretty well anything ;D]:
            -Avi Art
            -->However, you have to ask at the right time, have a decent bribe and have Internet Explorer/FF/Chrome.

            Seeing as you made it this far down Perhaps you would like to learn a little more about me. I live in Ottawa Ontario and am somewhat bilingual. The last time I spoke French was . . . I dunno 6 years ago . . . so I like to think that perhaps French is like riding a bike, the more I practice again the better I'll be, again.

            Last March Break I was fortunate enough to go to France and Italy. That was the best experience of my life. I hope to travel there soon in the future. ( My last profile was based on my trip, particularly focusing on France, which I liked better since I could understand what they were saying regardless of the fact I can't speak back . . . :I)

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            ^Started July 20th 2009^


Patch and Quilt

My Patch and Quilt



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I'm a weiner? =P

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Haha, it's ok ^_^
And thank you very much ! ! !
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

you can use it any time lol. I am not going to be wearing it all the time. d:
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

I have the hair! c;
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

gimmmmmmmmmmme urrrrr goldz
Pfft, I bought the rig and I got a item from this orange guy
it was a crappy item.
I want another but no one is buying my mood bubbles
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

Do you have 50K? o;
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

Huuuuurrrr I do too.
I want your legs but w/eva. c';
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael

hi. Hurrrrr.
Orange Caramael

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Orange Caramael


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Well, someone needed to make a css3 transition profile eventually. I'm glad someone likes it though smile


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