gaia_diamond Welcome to the Astral Cloud Shop gaia_diamond

Rules of the Store:

1. If you want to haggle the price a bit, please do send a pm.
However, no lowballs or pity sob stories, those will be ignored.
I do have great customer service and am known to knock quite a bit off the price. So do not hesitate to ask! heart

2. Sometimes I do accept item for item trades, not stupid ones, but I do accept trades.
Which means: I do have the right to refuse it if i so desire.

3. If you see a low priced item compared to its counterparts in the marketplace, do not worry, it is listed that way on purpose!
Have an awesome day with your feathers-from-above extra gold discount!

So, good luck,
thank you for shopping
and have an awesome great day.

gaia_angelleft Caomhnoir Angel gaia_angelright
the guardian angel of the skies


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