gaia_diamond Welcome to the Bifrost gaia_diamond

Rules of the Store:

1. The prices may be high on some because I am expecting you to pm me about them and not because I am trying to cause inflation. (especially on my items. do ask me (pm me) about prices on those. they are just listed to let you know that I still have some in stock to sell). There is no harm in asking. I do not bite. Not very hard anyway wink
However, no lowballs or pity sob stories, those will be ignored.
1a. you can also pm for purchasing multiple items, i do offer discounts on "bundling" 3nodding
1b. if I do not reply to a pm (but you have seen that I read it), it means I did not like your offer. most times I will get back to you with a counter offer.

2. Do not ask me for items or donate to you. If I donate, it is anonymously through charity threads in the forums.

3. If I see/buy a misprice and you ask for the item back, I will do so gladly because it is the nicest thing to do. heart and I am deeply grateful to those that do the same for me. sweatdrop

4. I also have outfits for sale. Do take a look at them. 3nodding Whatever the suggested price was, I have either halved or knocked two thirds off it before listing it.

So, good luck,
thank you for shopping
and have an awesomely great day.

gaia_angelleft Caomhnoir Angel gaia_angelright
the guardian angel of the skies

my items on site ( what is left for sale ):
Fallen Castle Town Meltdown ( 6 )
Greedy Shiva ( 15 )
Shiva the Dragon (15 )
Wishful Synchronous Moonlight ( 12 )
Shiva Spirit Wolf ( 15 )
Shiva Winged Chimera ( 13 )
Volatile Ragnarok U ( 15 )
Wartorn Aurora Dancer ( 15 )


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