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Please don't B UpSeT if I cancell Ur bid. I'm trying 2 get things from my Wishlist. ¡Merci!
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Shawty is ALWAYZ a 10!

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Gender: Female

Occupation: Graphic Designer in trainning & Making You CrAzy!!!

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F***! Disney is FreAkæ! I'm scared 4 the WoRLD!

*BAM BAM! U JUST GOT SHOT BY cANYbITES & U'R BLEEDING* Wat do want!? Oh, Me. Ok well, I'm an up coming Graphic Artist who is in her 3rd of College. The picture above is me to the left & my cousin to the right. Yes, I made that frame around our picture! Like most artist, I am cRaZy but nice. Most of the time. I am in the process of finishing up my website. Just click the link to (Personal Website) under my Avi. I will give you more udates later. smilies/icon_whee.gif smilies/icon_whee.gif I Do have a Bad Temper, so sorry if I CHEW U Up when U 1st meet me. I LuV 2 laugh a lot. I live in America in Southern Cali. Holla, in LA! I do smilies/icon_heart.gif Luv Going 2 the Beach. smilies/icon_heart.gif & I'm not a Beach Bunny. Ok, I'm done talking now go away B4 I shot U again. *BAM BAM!* Nice meeting Ya.

System is Crashing.:.:.:

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Keiko-cha Report | 11/30/2014 6:59 pm
Meow rofl
DyraBlack Report | 10/31/2014 6:49 pm
Awww! That's awesome! Happy Hallowe'en!
King Cutaface Report | 10/31/2014 5:30 pm
King Cutaface
happy spoopy halloween!
Syn Michaelis Report | 10/20/2014 6:15 pm
Syn Michaelis
It seems like a dream and is hitting me hard. I know she is no longer suffering so thats when I noticed her limbs had locked up frozen completely I woke my mom and told her to come say goodbye to Nala as it was almost time. Those 7 hours were the longest we got to pet her ever since she was introduced to the rest of the family and decided that she liked to hide behind the furniture. I told her when I founnd her if she wanted to fight to survive like she did 3 years ago then go for it, but I also told she didnt have to if she didnt want too. So at 135am after what appears to have been a seizure she crossed the rainbow bridge in my arms with me and my mom petting her telling her how much we love her. I called my Aisha earlier in the evening and she stayed with me and Nala for a couple hours as well before she passed.
Syn Michaelis Report | 10/20/2014 12:41 pm
Syn Michaelis
call my cell 3237174450
Syn Michaelis Report | 10/18/2014 5:59 pm
Syn Michaelis
Hey its Harmony
Whiskey Dik Report | 10/16/2014 8:56 am
Whiskey Dik
» No I don't make art here anymore, sorry.
aboriginal_kumquat Report | 10/14/2014 3:59 pm
You are welcome! They weren't meant to be gifts and I hope you have fun with them while they serve you well.
I can go huntin' again soon now!
Kajika Toriyama Report | 09/03/2014 12:08 am
Kajika Toriyama
*Bump* gaia_crown
Ramskulls Report | 07/22/2014 5:07 pm
um idk anymore to be honest ;; ive been too busy
if i come back ill probably ask for like a trillion


Ensuite, je suis la fantôme de Novembre!

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