Small info. I'm in college. I like art, so my usuals are as follows: drawing, painting, sewing plushies, photography, stipple art, crosshatching, multimedia, manga making, jewelry making such as sword or stone pendants and earcuffs, designing, hip hop dance and piano (dance and piano are art too, just performing arts, not visual arts), etc.

I know...those aren't really things a nursing major should be into, but I am.
I'm also studying mortuary, so I'm usually online just to clear my mind after a long day of studying. Feel free to say hello and such.

Drawing helps me draw all the bones and stuff from the cadavers in my classes...so...yeah emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

Other small likes: fencing, running (I don't know why, I just do), basketball, listening to any music except country, and being myself.

Oh...and food because my metabolism allows me to eat loads and stay petite smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif ninja metabolism skills.

I love drawing...and just recently, sewing plushies and plush keychains. I'd be glad to draw anyone's avi. Just PM me for more details.

This is my Art Shop Guild: Shann_D Art Shop
and this is my dA page: Shann-D

My dA account has the best examples of my jewelry making, plush keychains, and manga art, so I recommend going there if you have a dA account to get an idea of my art hobbies.

Here's some samples of my art:
Crystal Silver Sword Pendant and matching Earcuffs
Mech Keychains (3 of them)
Moga Vesper Plush
My Daxter Plush I made
Circus Pirates
Creature burst
Different Forms of my Avi 1
Different Forms of my Avi 2
My Avi as an Angel Serpentine
the team part 1
Creature-Chibi World
Character spoiler to my next new manga
Mee the Dimension Dragon from Desert Coral
1 Soul, 2 Bodies, 3 Worlds
Dude Fashion
Sitting Down
Crosshatch Art
A Face from my Dream

My samples of ART that I've made for others:
my gift of appreciation to ImHotPink4Ever
Keychain Plushies
Kowai Wolf Plush
Rin the Neko & x-kawaii rena-chan-x
x-Gumi Megpoid-x
Hanabii-Hime - chibi
Kappuke-ki xD
Time Mistress

If you wish to make an art request, you are welcome to PM me, but lately I've been busy with school. I have both day and night classes so it gets difficult to keep up with life when I have a lot on my plate, so if you have patience with me and are willing to wait for all requests to be finished on Saturdays then by all means make a request and name your price once the drawing is complete.

Extra Art:
Hetalia Russia Keychain for Loveisgrimmi
Vesper Color Rehash
my handmade tablet case I made

Oh...and if you saw me at SacAnime Summer 2012, then you probably found me here as Celty.

By the way...I'm strict on my copyrights of my art. PM me for any questions, okay?
Have a good day everyone smilies/icon_3nodding.gifemotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif


Daydream Knightmare

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Dainty Fox Hybrid

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Dainty Fox Hybrid

Thank you for purchasing! -bows-

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Thank you for your purchases. mrgreen

Happy Halloween. twisted
Clockwork Alchemist

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Clockwork Alchemist

Cool look!
Dreamed Faith

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Dreamed Faith

Thanks for buying!

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Thx 4 buyn
Sid the Bear

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Sid the Bear

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Tech Eey Cyber

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Tech Eey Cyber

boom bae I got it!

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awesome avi.

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lovely av!
Mr Sammers

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Mr Sammers

; -; okies

thanks you anyways :3


I draw and sew handmade plushies & keychains.
I know, I know...what kind of nursing major is that?!...I guess I'm a contradiction.

However, only the moogle was a birthday present.