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V Moi V
Highly strung like Cupid's bow whose arrows hungered meat

~is 24 and Male~
The snow falls enveloping all in white, like a sinner trying to forget their sins.


srsly gais I am fer realz( ******** I need a new ******** sign, ******** is a year old)

A reluctant Misanthrope

I hate people, in general and as a whole, we do nothing but whine about how life is unfair, how we don't have the next "in thing", how we don't have what we have not earned thus we do not deserve, we whine about even what we deserve as if that need be questioned, wouldn't it be nice if we accepted that we get what we get and must work for our wants? But no.. that would just make sense and that is primarily the reason why I do not get along with most people...
But as I said last it is most people, I'd be lying and wrong if I said there weren't good ones too, there are people out there who are just good people and I respect you types, the ones who don't ******** with peoples feelings, lie to make themselves out to be better people, and belittle you to feel better about themselves.
But for why I hate people it is really that I find 9-10 it is because the people have taken on personal responsibilities that has otherwise lead to a stagnation in their own life by their own doing being their own fault in the end.
Now I am not just centering them out, I center out you people who have had wrong done to you by others too, yeah when you thought you weren't already victimized enough eh? Hah.
See you types make me the angriest at times because there is no need to drag other people into your problems, they are yours and you should ******** keep them to yourself.
Now I do however get that sometimes you need a friend, someone to vent to and listen to you, and that's alright I get that, but when every issue is the end of the world or one problem you have with a word or something someone does happens to remind you of something that hurt you before, it hurts because you empower it and make it hurt, it's your own fault, and I do get that there are people with PTSD, but if you don't have that stop making excuses for the condition of your attitude and do something about it.
Now I have exceptions to all of that, as I have friends, somehow, and I did say I do like some people to, so if you're a buddy or if I am genuinely interested in your bad day is when it is best to talk about that emotionally draining garbage so we can toss it out together.
Another thing I hate is people who think "music is life", ******** you, make music, figure out how it is made, how genres differentiate, how instruments are built and work, how electronic feedback creates sounds that lead to what we know as EDM, and how even after all that the musicians who do it for a living still have "more" to their life than that, in other words you're a ******** idiot obsessed with sound if you can't do at least some of the above.
I hate being hit on by teenagers(18-19 is cool), I am 24 I'm not interested in underagers like that, and you're stupid to think I am and if that's your thing than go seek out a child hungry ***** on fetlife.

Personal Data

Well alright somethings about myself that aren't so general.
I compliment people and like to do it but it doesn't mean I want or intend on doing anything with you, I generally avoid people under 18 but under some circumstances I suck it up and give the younger crowd a chance I just hate people getting the wrong idea about adult teen friendships, sick ******** />I hate people who whine about 1st world problems or not getting things they clearly do not deserve, cry more.
I hate people who take things out of context whether it accidental or on purpose, I mean I'll let it slide if it's an accident but if you're just being a ******** who is picking and choosing words in an attempt to start fights I'll just add you to my ever growing block list : D.
I hate involving others in my real life, I will at times post small little details, things that are generally known in my real life by others so it doesn't matter if said online but my private life is private, unless you're a real friend and someone I have had the time to get to know and trust than don't assume you get that sort of information, it is "private" for a reason.

About me

Name: Colton
Age: 24
Sexuality: Hetero-sexual
Zodiac: Cancer Leo Cusp (July 23rd)
Tarot Card: The World
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese, Canadian Native, Irish, English, French and Italian
Country of birth: Canada
Currently dwelling: Canada
Height: 5'7 and a half (175 cm)
Weight: 134lbs
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Television Show: Californication
Favorite Manga: Battle Royale
Favorite Comic: DC Universe: Crisis On Infinite Earths
Favorite Anime: Ergo Proxy
Favorite Beverage: Full Throttle Energy drink original flavor
Favorite Band: MALICE MIZER
Favorite Song: Gardenia
Favorite Console Game: Persona 2
Favorite Handheld Game: Final Fantasy Tactics war of the lions
Favorite Online/pc/mmo: Atlantica Online
Favorite Quote : "The snow falls enveloping all in white, like a sinner trying to forget their sins"

music I listen to.

AFI(Old AFI, Davey's singing style isn't the same for me),
Alice Nine(first j rock band I ever heard),
Alien Ant Farm (was fun to listen to during my playthrough of thps3),
Ayabie (some of the best Oshare Kei music I've ever heard.),
Blind Guardian (just yes),
Blink 182 (Pretty much the band of my childhood.),
Blood(Just amazing),
Buck-Tick(Romance makes me happy),
D (Asagi makes me happy),
deadman ( Mmmm..why did they have to split ;-;!),
Dir En Grey(Everything but Marrow of a Bone by them wins.),
Doremidan (Cute, very),
Due Le' Quartz(the band that started Miyavi off),
Emilie Autumn (makes me gasm twice),
Faye Wong(she did eyes on me from ff8, she's got a cute voice),
Gackt(good vocals, but he should never dance),
Gazette (: D favorite band.),
GPKISM (Because Auzies can do VK well.)
HIGH and MIGHTY Color(I like them mainly for the bleach opening theme),
HIZAKI Grace Project ( -cries- they were my favorite band 'till they split),
Horror Pops (one of the only punk bands I like),
Iced Earth (secks metal) ,
Jack Off Jill(Hilariously amazing) ,
Jimmy Eat World(Lovely singing voice),
Kaya(surprisingly sexual, but very good),
Lacuna Coil (good singing vocals),
Lynch.(VERY good j rock band),
MALICE MIZER(yum yum, I love them),
Marina and the Diamonds(Recent love interest as far as music goes)
Merry (sexual),
Midnight Syndicate(beautiful),
Moi Dix Mois(oh Mana how you never fail to impress me),
Motley Crue(they're okay),
Mucc(OMG JUST ******** EPIC),
Muse(beautiful singing voice),
Nox Arcana(very interesting duo, I like them a lot),
One Ton (Three words: Super-Sex-World)
Our Lady Peace(Their Old stuff please),
Phantasmagoria(Simply wonderful in every means of the word),
Puscifer(Because Maynard James Keenan is ******** win.),
Placebo (omg.. they're to ******** good),
Rammstein (bleh I only like some of his stuff),
Rob Zombie/White Zombie(meh he's okay),
Schwarz ******** EPIC WIN),
Scars on Broad way (Darren's , from system of a down, band)
System of a Down(one of the only english bands I ever liked),
Suicide Ali(they're okay, but they are a bit off beat here and there),
The Cure(Robert Smith makes me happy : D),
The Dresden Dolls(they're pretty cool, I'd like to see them live -nod-),
The Killers(very well versed),
The Used(bah, back in their more punk days for sure, they seem to whiney now),
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!(I love them, I don't know why I do, I just do xD),
Tommy February Six(OMG SO CUTE),
UnsraW (I love their scream vocals so very much),
Utada Hikaru(surprisingly makes better songs then what was shown in KH),
Versailles(I hate their vocalist, he can't hold a line or sing, the rest of the band wins, rip Jasmin ;_; ),
Weird Al Yakovich(funny)


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Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/21/2014 1:02 pm
Request sent. c:

It's nice to know people that still share a similar interest as me.
Most of my friends that did kind of floated off the face of the earth, it seems.
Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/20/2014 11:30 pm
Ah, you're fine. Half the time I forget that i even have messages to reply to. So It's no big thing. x3

Really? You don't seem rant-y or annoying at all.
I think you're pretty cool. o:

Would you mind if I added you to my friendslist?
Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/12/2014 3:43 pm
I remember when the Obscure PV came out. Everybody lost their ******** minds.
I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It still is. Haha
You're really nice, too. I enjoy talking to you even though we just met. :3

Here's one that's a bit older.
I have a newer one on my profile. :3
Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/12/2014 2:57 pm
I was so obsessed with them for the longest time, and when Mana started his new band I thought it was the greatest thing ever.
I adore Dir en Grey, too.
Visual kei in general made my life worth living as a teenager. So many of the best bands aren't together anymore, which is so sad.
But it's classic music. It never dies.
Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/12/2014 12:42 pm
It's only the truth.
At first, I swear to God I said that you reminded me of Klaha.
And then to find out you like Malice Mizer was perfect. Haha
Nintendo Killed Me Report | 12/12/2014 12:07 pm
I read through your entire profile. It was beautiful.
You are also beautiful.
Just sayin'.
I3unni Report | 11/25/2014 4:33 am
Hee hee ^u^ and omg I would probably drag you to all the cool anime and comic book stores * ^ *
Oh n when I get on my laptop I have more stuff to gives you :B
I3unni Report | 11/24/2014 5:18 pm
aww that's good 4laugh so I'll just have to keep spoiling you til you have a speedy recovery emotion_dowant
I3unni Report | 11/24/2014 5:11 pm
oh that's good ovo and that's great you have someone there helping you 3nodding
I3unni Report | 11/24/2014 2:51 pm
ugh, that sucks e~e hope you feel better soon


I3unni <333

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Walking along the riverside I come across men and women who cry to the sky and ask god why
Wishing they'd die and fade with time, but why, if you can die then what more can you lose
Life is what you make it, and sometimes that isn't always something you get to choose
But I ask again, if it is the end then what exactly more is there to lose
No life is waiting for you to stand and take it
Waiting for you demand it and make it
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It can not breath the air as you do
You can not depend on circumstance to take you on a dance of lavish dreams and prosperity that stems from nothing
You must do and or work, you must do in order to be something
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Because no one can live your life but you
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To show that the past will repeat it's self if you are to forget
And as tough as it gets never fret
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So stand tall if you can, or stoically sit in your seat
For if you've the will to keep pushing it will never matter how badly you are beat
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It's finding the will power inside to stand back up
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For it's not over as long as you have a heart beat