Hello people that I know and do not know, I am Zeke and I come from a long line of Cherokee Indians. I live in the heart of Michigan and that is *Detroit*

I'm a mellow guy that loves being random and meeting new friends, If I randomly comment you that means you're the chosen one. I'm a generous person and sometimes will donate a large sum of gaia gold for no reason.

I'm a gamer and will pretty much play anything if I can control it with a Controller, Arcade Stick or Mouse/Key Board. إذا كنت ترغب في معرفة المزيد يرجى ترك تعليق مثير وانا اقول لك
or ارسل لي مساء

Here is a poem

كنت أعرف مرة واحدة في الرجل الذي عاش في جرة.
لمشهد غريب وكنت يجب أن أذهب الآن.
سألته مرة لماذا عاش في جرة.
يتلوى، وقال: كيف غريب أنت.

بلدي جرة في مريحة جدا ودافئة ومشرقة،
حتى في ضوء القمر الكامل.
لكن العائق الوحيد هو، كما ترى،
الخروج بسرعة عندما يكون لدي ليتبول.


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Sullen death_kitten

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Sullen death_kitten

stressed and tired, I've not been able to get on gaia
because my bf broke his leg and needed surgery
now hes home and i gotta take care of him. emotion_zzz emotion_0A0
I Mai Desu I

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I Mai Desu I

you need more male hairstyles , ill keep a lookout classified_omnomcoco
I Mai Desu I

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I Mai Desu I

I want to say my level is 10.7 but I really don't know I'm in training right now and can't verify that though. And I know I change my name too much! Oh, cool i have that ring too! I have all the rings rn just trying to farm for shadow orbs !This is actually the 4th change Lmao!

I can ghost you when I get home, if you need help with your avi.
Delicate Death

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Delicate Death


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its Icarolinei what's yours

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I have a discord lol
Sorry for the late reply

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you've already seen all of these, none of them are new to you lol.

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Hhhhhhhh نعم اتكلم عربيةهههههه idk how i find u but its the first time u find someone talk arabic here lol
I Mai Desu I

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I Mai Desu I

Lmao , maybe it's not legal User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Honestly, I really wanted something new
& do you see how i feel when you changed your user on me lolUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams...