Hello people that I know and do not know, I am Zeke and I come from a long line of Cherokee Indians. I live in the heart of Michigan and that is *Detroit*

I'm a mellow guy that loves being random and meeting new friends, If I randomly comment you that means you're the chosen one. I'm a generous person and sometimes will donate a large sum of gaia gold for no reason.

I'm a gamer and will pretty much play anything if I can control it with a Controller, Arcade Stick or Mouse/Key Board. إذا كنت ترغب في معرفة المزيد يرجى ترك تعليق مثير وانا اقول لك
or ارسل لي مساء

Here is a poem

كنت أعرف مرة واحدة في الرجل الذي عاش في جرة.
لمشهد غريب وكنت يجب أن أذهب الآن.
سألته مرة لماذا عاش في جرة.
يتلوى، وقال: كيف غريب أنت.

بلدي جرة في مريحة جدا ودافئة ومشرقة،
حتى في ضوء القمر الكامل.
لكن العائق الوحيد هو، كما ترى،
الخروج بسرعة عندما يكون لدي ليتبول.

Wayz to contact the Zekester

Skype: iiZeke
Discord: Zeke #5819

Game System& ID's/Youtube Channel

League Of Legends Summoner Name: Komala
Nintendo Wiiu: 0Zeke9
Nintendo 3Ds FC: 4614-1759-9893
Youtube Channel: 0Zeke9
PS4: iagiacrus
Xbox: Lafayette

Games I'm Currently Playing

League of Legends

Roles: Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Middle lane & support.


I only play the Sadida

Nintendo 3Ds, Monster Hunter Generation

Hunting Horn player


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Report | 06/28/2017 3:30 am


ohh I remember dat name ;o you have a new nice name doe ;o
Yomishi Akira

Report | 06/27/2017 11:48 pm

Yomishi Akira

Oh I see now, you are from forum, LOL topic...you just confirmed my point. You are one of those salty lol players and when I said that lol is salty, you became even more saltier, this is priceless xd xd xd xd
Yomishi Akira

Report | 06/27/2017 10:16 pm

Yomishi Akira

I don´t have loved ones
Lied vom Tod

Report | 06/27/2017 6:12 pm

Lied vom Tod

Uhh, my mermaids aren't really based on Nami either. They're just mermaids! sweatdrop

And I'm not very good at LoL. I mostly just play support, haha. sweatdrop
I can sorta top or mid though. Sorta. >__<;;
Lied vom Tod

Report | 06/27/2017 11:55 am

Lied vom Tod

No. It's just a mermaid avi. .__.;;
Lied vom Tod

Report | 06/27/2017 10:41 am

Lied vom Tod

Who are you calling Cassiopeia?! emotion_donotwant

Report | 06/24/2017 6:31 pm


Saw you viewed my profile, so I thought I'd leave a nice comment.

It's nice to run into a fellow League player. Who is your main for support?

Nice avi, by the way~! =D

Report | 06/24/2017 12:17 am


II'm so sorry, I was going to join you, but one of my friends invited me to their game before you did ;__; and they needed one extra person

Report | 06/22/2017 11:06 pm


Forgot to mention redface :

At times I'll be online but I'll be afk in the client
Im usually drawing or working on stuff. sweatdrop


Report | 06/22/2017 11:03 pm


okay yum_puddi
You can add me
my IGN is "LolliipopQueen"

P.S. I dont really have a preferred role. I usually just fill and roll with it.
But if its Ranked then I'm either bot or jungle


Foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams...