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Hi, I'm Canadea That's Candy and Deanna put together and I love to play dress up :3

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Hello all, My name is Natalie but you can call me Nat for short. I am 24 yrs young and been on gaia since 05, man i feel old DX. My hobbies out side of gaia include reading, drawing, biking and walking. I'm a military gal who is crossing her fingers in hope of getting her next rank up. I'm a easy going happy go lucky crazy girl. I love to play tease flirt and taunt lol. My hobbies on Gaia are: GB forums, CB forums, Art Forums, Guilds and rallying with friends. I Spend most my time floating around market place looking for new ways to update and or improve my avis look. I can often be seen in the Exchange forums selling bulk type items. To conclude this long post up I'm an easy person to get along with, but please don't think i wont go upside your head just because i'm nice lets just try to get along for now mmk?

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I used to pretend I wasn't black. I told people I fell into a vat of chocolate pudding.




Gender: Female

Location: NorthCarolina

Birthday: 04/28/1989

Occupation: pastry chef wanna be :3

Song lyrics: In Your Bed

Lay me down slow
Touch me all over with your eyes
Let yourself go
We got all night
Just because I'm in your bed
Doesn't mean I'm yours, mean I'm yours
Just because I'm in your bed
Doesn't mean I'm yours, mean I'm yours

You're nothing more

Don't how to say it
Wish you wouldn't hope for so much more
Wish you hadn't said it
A whisper too loud to be ignored
Hear me, just hear me
You think that you want me, you need me
You don't, and I won't
Oh I, oh I, a wasted night

Holla At Cha Gurl..

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Love ya <3

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Dreamscape Illusion

You're Nothing More....