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Latrans Report | 01/08/2013 6:54 pm
I was at a biology conference! I just got home. I'm doing really well--it was amazing!
Decaying Harlot Report | 12/11/2012 6:38 pm
Decaying Harlot
Sorry, I just realized you asked about my boyfriend and I. (x
We're doing good, I've gotten more used to his current living condition and haven't been as stressed.
Things have gotten much better, it's like we're back in that 'honeymoon phase' except different.
We still have our problems but what couple doesn't? d:
Decaying Harlot Report | 12/11/2012 5:49 pm
Decaying Harlot
I wouldn't want to workout with more than one person. ;c That would bother me so much.

Anyway I'm not depressed over that, like I said depression just happens for me. There's no reason I have been, it's just there.
As for hurting myself, been there, done that previously. I rarely do now-a-days although pill-popping and cigarettes have helped calm me down lately.
Not that I need to be 'calmed down' much but when my anxiety/depression is very bad, they both do help. .-.
Decaying Harlot Report | 12/10/2012 6:23 pm
Decaying Harlot
That's shitty, although I hope you do good on them. ♥
I'd go to the gym but I can't stand going alone, it just doesn't motivate me at all.
I'd rather workout with someone, at least then I could also talk and listen to quiet music.

I actually didn't even get to volunteer, I asked my father about the one place his friend "owned" but turned out I misunderstood.
Or actually I don't think he worded it correctly because I was under the impression that his friend owned a photography studio from what he said.
I may have told you about that? Not too sure. Anyway a little bit after that my motivation dropped, depression came back and I realized I needed my medication again for anxiety.
I don't really have any reason for my depression, my life is great 95% of the time; it just happens from every 5-7 months with me.

When I saw my psychiatrist previously, she thought it was a chemical imbalance; so did the therapist I saw from 13-16. .-.
Decaying Harlot Report | 12/10/2012 5:50 pm
Decaying Harlot
Ah, well congratulations. It's good you're getting extra money, school can cost so much. talk2hand
Isn't it finals week for the majority of students? c:
(My one dog had the worst farts like 2 days ago, I thought he had an accident; that's how bad they were. -___-)

Job hunt.. yeah. Well my mental health has been s**t lately, so I saw a doctor this past Thursday to get a referral to my old psychiatrist..
I'm needing to get back on my anxiety medication, probably medication for depression like before and I'm hoping she'll be able to re-motivate me.
I can't get a job without the anxiety medication, there's no way in hell I'd be able to handle that so I'm stuck waiting for an appointment.
I have a bit more time to save money though, I'll have until May/June (possibly later) instead of March/April; which is nice.
My plans to volunteer didn't go so well, at least for the one place so I'm hoping it'll work out with somewhere else. :/
Decaying Harlot Report | 12/10/2012 5:27 pm
Decaying Harlot
Could be better, could be worse. So I'm alright I suppose, hungry, tired and pms is lurking.
Hopefully I get my period soon so I can stop overreacting a crying over a lot of stupid s**t. c:

How are you?
Decaying Harlot Report | 11/13/2012 12:07 pm
Decaying Harlot
Of course I have. c: In fact, I want to own my own shelter in the future or pet shop.
However the shelters here aren't really looking, they have so many volunteers and very few actual workers.
I honestly don't even think they need anymore volunteers considering all the students that volunteer at the spca. .-.
Than the one pet shop I could get a job at has way too many people working there..
Literally sometimes there's 4 guys just standing around so I'd feel bad getting a job there when they already have too many staff members.
They could save so much money if they just fired a few of the guys. :/

My sister (even with experience) still had to hand out about 500 resumes and she eventually did get a job but it took so long to do. ;c
I don't have any experience, so idk.. I think it may take even longer for me. bleh.
Decaying Harlot Report | 11/13/2012 11:44 am
Decaying Harlot
Not much he can do, chances are he'll be my roommate at that point..
because I can't live alone, I used to have to be home alone at night and I was even more stressed and honestly just terrified.
When it comes to the pets, nobody will rent to someone with 50 pets. :/
So I'll probably end up taking a couple rats, my snake, one of the cats, my rabbit and my ferret and even that might be too many pets. bleh.

He's also new to this town so he has no connections to help me with getting a job.
Decaying Harlot Report | 11/13/2012 11:31 am
Decaying Harlot
No, I'm supposed to be moving next year and we've been fixing up our house to sell it. :/
Although my father has now given me the choice of moving out beforehand by myself.. which I do want to do.
But I can't bring all my pets and at first he was like 'I'll take care of them' and now he's saying he may adopt them out.
So idk if I can trust him to actually keep them if I leave, which is stressful..
and trying to get a job without experience, or volunteering to get experience but then not having enough time to save up enough money to move after getting a job..
or not getting a job at all.. and living alone terrifies me. It's all very stressful actually. l:
Decaying Harlot Report | 11/13/2012 1:08 am
Decaying Harlot
I'm 99% I wasn't bit by any tick. d:
They couldn't survive in this cold weather unless on an animal, and the only ones I've been around are my own..
who don't come into any contact with other animals. So it's incredibly unlikely..
and if I did, I think my boyfriend would have saw yesterday. They don't really go unnoticed unless they're behind the nears and crap. o;

I could be stressed though, I have been rather frustrated over s**t lately. :/


"Is your reading comprehension past a first grade level?" ~ destroyer of harmony
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