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I'm 20 years old and from California. As of writing this, I am attending my third semester of college (majoring in Computer Science) and work part time at a pizza place. I listen to a spectrum a music, though rap and metal tend to be less involved.

More interesting facts or otherwise can be discovered via google (camomatt is my universal alias), or simply by sending a PM. If you listen to any of the following artists, you are required to send me a PM so we can talk music. Thank you.

The Fratellis
The Dear Hunter
Holy Ghost Tent Revival
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles
Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
Emanuel and the Fear
Arctic Monkeys

Regarding the computers...

These are two of five computers in my room. The one on the left is my first computer that I built in 2012 and have been using since. Obviously some parts have been removed/added over time.

The one on the right is an emulator/guest computer. I was building it with my sister, but she left the project and I finished it. It was a fun build.

There's a computer not shown here that used to be my guest computer, but will probably be a rendering machine. It's a HP computer I bought on craigslist, threw in a new graphics card and power supply, then threw in an old solid state drive.

There's a laptop not shown, it was going to be my school laptop, but I ended up using the next computer instead. It's a Sony Vaio, and it sucks, but it's good for portable media usage.

The last computer not shown is a 2-in-1 tablet laptop. It was cheap, it was used at school, and I still use it for school. It's a "Nextbook" 2-in-1... never heard of them, but hey, it works.

If you want to read more, go here
Xhex Hess
The Sweet Irony

It's so small! 4.1GHz on a H81 motherboard running 1.146V. Not bad!

Fun fact: it's sitting on a cutting board because the feet are very short and I don't want any static issues with the carpet.

Fun fact: there are containers holding the PC up because the power supply needs room to exhaust through the back.

That CM T4 made me resort to low profile RAM without the heatspreader...

There used to be a 1TB HDD. Then it died.

Rosewill 1000W replaced my defective XION PSU. OCs like a champ.

Best for low temps? Nope. But they look gud.

Love having the router in my room. Hardwire connection beats wireless.

2TB HDD for games, 256GB SSD for boot and programs.