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" oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive."
--Octavia E. Butler


Mi casa es...mi casa. lol


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Ruby's Head

This will just be random thoughts, really, sudden outbursts or ideas I need to get out.


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Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/30/2016 10:30 am
Your welcome !
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/17/2016 9:35 pm
You should see the other word games in that forum too. xp
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/12/2016 7:12 pm
IDK , if i've shared this with you before , but i bet you'de be great at it !
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/12/2016 7:08 pm
Hey saw on your blog about your admin. job congratz ! Hey remember when we first met here on Gaia ? And it was over the " Watchmen " graphic novel ? Did you ever read " V for Vendetta " as well?
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/12/2016 7:01 pm
awwwmang. emo rofl

Luving the new avie btw! Very Librarian . 3nodding xd
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/08/2016 7:19 pm
Awww, mang....i might have described it wrong.... sweatdrop emo The Story part here does a better job explaining it... sweatdrop
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/03/2016 6:30 pm
it's set in the future. in a another galaxy . On a planet that is ruled by religion. And the religion dominates the people through the media and various special effects. The main character is a runaway SkyDoll. A skydoll is an artificial lifeform. Which are used for menial labor . But mostly used as sex objects. The story itself is very critical about religion mostly catholicism. And art is awesome !
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 09/02/2016 6:46 pm
awww mang. Hey do you ever read Graphic novels? I recommend " Skydoll" by Barbucci&Canepa . I highly recommend it ! It might challenge some people's views on religion though.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 08/15/2016 5:06 pm
Oh that sounds neat ! i can sort of see parts of the plot from that little description. It also sounds like a good premise for a video game ! What time is it set in ? Like present Day , in the future?
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 08/13/2016 6:29 pm
So what have you been up to ? I just saw your Write Mage entry for wednesday. How is that book so far ? The cover does look bad a** . It reminds of Buffy ! Definetly a Slayer vibe!



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