Name: You may call me Algaliarept (old avi name), Calinthe, Cal, Malachai, Chai, or Morrow
Age: 28
Gender: My avatar floats back and forth between male and female. I am in reality a woman, but if i'm going to dress and undress something on a regular basis, it may as well be a man.
Interests: I love reading, writing, and music. My favorite hobby is roleplaying, especially if the roleplay happens to include any of the following:

- Dark fantasy (vampires, werewolves, witches and demons. All sorts of dark and evil creepy crawlies are fun to play with.)
- Yaoi (I love men. I love men together even more.)
- Magic or fantastical creatures of any sort really, even if I prefer them darker. (I have to live in reality, why would i want to write about it?)
- BDSM (since it's a RL interest of mine, I can't help but love to see these things included in writing as well. Of course, a PG-13 site would never allow such content...but I've been known to take exceptional writers and do roleplays with them off-site.)

I have been on this site since 2003, and for that whole duration, I have been roleplaying. I started out in the forums, but quickly found myself a niche of fantastic RPers within a guild. I freely admit that after being spoiled by the guild atmosphere, I might have become a tiny bit demanding or snobbish when it comes to my writing partners. I do not write with those that I do not consider to be at least literate. I prefer advanced literacy however, whenever it is possible.

I'm always looking for more online friends, and can almost always be coerced into joining a new RP as long as the story is well thought out and the other writers joining are up to snuff. (this means I have to have seen samples of their writing somewhere so that I can judge for myself.) Beware though, that I am a character whore. I almost never make just one character. If I join, it's quite often with multiple people unless specifically told otherwise.

I love one on one RPs, especially with those whose writing skills I admire.

Though I have preferences over what I like to write, I am usually pretty flexible and I'm willing to work through an RP idea with a potential writing partner until both of us are satisfied with the outcome. This means both of us having input, and it might also mean having to give and take until we find a happy medium.
If you suggest something and I'm not a fan of it right away, don't run off or get huffy over it, because that pisses me off and I will ignore you.

While I would love to waste my life away on here writing with people all the time, unfortunately I don't have that option. Though I can be found online almost any and every day, I do also have a job I need to do to make ends meet. Because of this, and the length of time it takes me to write a reply sometimes, you might find that my replies don't come as quickly or as often as you'd like. If this is a problem, I might not be the RP partner you want to get involved with. If you can handle getting a post or a reply every couple of days though, then feel free to send me a message. ^^


My underutilized writing space.

I am a shameless feedback whore. I love getting comments and criticisms.

I also take writing requests when the mood strikes me so if you have an idea you think I might write well, feel free to suggest/request it.

There are two things left to me in life that I may love. One is music, and the other is literature. When all else has left me, these two remain. This journal exists only to satiate my need for an outlet to my random ravings of a mad man.



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Raven of the Darkened Sky

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Raven of the Darkened Sky

Thank you for your purchase!!

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Thank you for your purchase~

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Thank you for your purchase! heart 3nodding

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You are beautiful.

I thought of you when I saw this...have you ever tried pairing the mouth of Sapphire Skulls with the mouth of the Black Dahlia?
Luminescent Doll

Report | 05/18/2015 6:11 pm

Luminescent Doll

are you willing to trade for the winter madelyne hair?

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sweet outfit

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I go around looking for Fallen Wishes, and I find you with that super rare Madelline hair. I hope you get a massive price for it, so you could have any of the new, sparklies that you wanted. Then I can see more of your well-poised creations. <3

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looking ready for adventure today, dear.

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Well, then, I'm afraid you'll just end up looking like the new Queen of hearts, because I enjoy stroking your ego.

North American bands are far too preoccupied with the lifestyle and giving their fans what they have gotten from every other band.. Gods forbid they try something different, yes?


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me. So throw me down, tie me up, and show me that you like me.