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General Info:

hi Khazar! This is a real thing!


- Dolls/ sprites/ edits of my avatar
- Giftart
- Intelligent conversation
- RPs
- Drawing People
- Guilds
- Friends & Friendly people
- Pokemon/ Digimon/ Monster Rancher…. That sort of thing.
- Guitars
- Severus Snape/ Slytherins/ Death Eaters
- Plays/ Musicals (RENT!)
- Egypt
- Star Trek
- Video Games (RPGS, mostly.)
- My Little Ponies
- Giraffes/ Orcas/ Wolves/ Bunnies/ Ducks
- Purple
- Anime


- Stupid people.
- certain "Opinionated" Christians.

Artists I love or would love to have art from:

Here's a lovely random image generator full of all the art I get while roaming the freebie boards. <3 It also includes trades, gifts and commissions if I ever buy any art. XD

I love art! If you ever want to draw me, go right ahead. Oh, and art trades are cool too. VERY cool.

Leave me a profile comment! I love profile comments.


Other Links:

Draw the Caj!

My Quest Thread

Art auctions I'm currently in:

Watcher Journal

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Jen-Til Report | 09/02/2015 2:40 am
Haha, how are ya?? I didn't realize you were still around til my feed said you made a thread. orz
Jen-Til Report | 09/01/2015 8:09 pm
Amai_Neiko Report | 08/12/2014 12:17 am
I know this is random but I like your total post count, it's almost all 1's whee hehe
KitsuneTaishou Report | 03/30/2014 5:58 am
AstoriaFallen Report | 12/07/2013 9:05 am
Love your drawing of your avi :3
Princess-Fanoria-Pagan Report | 09/30/2012 8:42 pm
Thank you ^^
Princess-Fanoria-Pagan Report | 09/30/2012 8:27 pm
I am happy to hear you are doing good ^^
Princess-Fanoria-Pagan Report | 09/30/2012 8:20 pm
Not all too bad, how about you??
Princess-Fanoria-Pagan Report | 09/30/2012 8:14 pm
*pokes with a cookie* It has been forevers since I have seen you around!
NekoWashu Report | 04/05/2012 9:53 pm
heart ^_^