I fail at "about me" sections, so here's a list. :U

- My name is Daniel.

- I love learning languages.

- I'm currently learning Spanish, and (failing at) Finnish and Arabic.

- I'm a guitarist.

- I love conlanging.

- My favorite authors are Tolkien and Lovecraft.

- My favorite books are The Lord of the Rings and the Kalevala.

- My favorite bands at the moment are (in order):
• Eluveitie
• Opeth
• Insomnium
• Fleet Foxes
• Mumford & Sons
• Be'lakor
• In Flames
• October Tide
• Draconian
• Amorphis
• Noumena

- I'm an atheist.

- I fail. At everything.


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October Tide ftw,maaateeey!
Guardian of Agape

Report | 11/12/2011 10:25 pm

Guardian of Agape

Hey i love V for Vendetta, I am Legend and many more too biggrin Btw i'm learning spanish as well...languages are so amazing aren't they biggrin I want to learn Chinese and arabic in college meself xp

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Happy Belated Birthday. ^^

Hope you had fun.

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Now that's the kind of comment i like to see. but... dude are you my twin? Looking at your favorite band list.... Insomnium, Pelican, Eluveitie, Be'lakor, Porcupine Tree, Dark Tranquillity, Megadeth, Blind Guardian. Are also bands are enjoy very very much. But I've only recently discovered Eluveitie with they're album "spirit" it was brilliant. Same goes for Be'lakor with "Stone's Reach".... ******** it, I'm gonna go listen to "The Dance of Victory" right now!
Cerulean Siren

Report | 02/06/2011 6:41 pm

Cerulean Siren

You have awesome taste in music. heart *writes down every band I don't recognize on your favorites list to listen to later*
Music Breaks Hearts

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Music Breaks Hearts

o: oh interesante.
Estoy eschuchando a Jar of Hearts de Christania Perri
Woutan Kuunsuru

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Woutan Kuunsuru

Hallo, sir!

How's life treating you?
Music Breaks Hearts

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Music Breaks Hearts


que cancion? o:
Music Breaks Hearts

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Music Breaks Hearts


Estas escuchando a musica? o:
Music Breaks Hearts

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Music Breaks Hearts

llorar sweatdrop