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Brief, but still lenghty, intro.

Hi there, and thanks for coming to my profile!
I've been coming here since 2004, mostly to lurk around the forums, and when I'm not here, I'm studying for my college courses.

~My interests vary; I don't call myself a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy playing video games whenever I have the free time. I also like love to procrastinate (I'm trying to stop but every time I try, I'll end up pushing it to a later date). I love watching TV and movies- I don't really have any favorite titles- It usually depends on my mood. I could watch a show like 'Weed's" and lose interest in it and pick it up months later and like it again. Same thing applies to music- I usually stick to music that's usually around the 80's to now, but really love classical music - the only genre I really do not like is Country, I've tried my best to try to like it but most of it sounds the same, but if you do have good country songs, please send them my way and prove me otherwise. =)

~ I try to be a straight forward, I love to talk, and doesn't really matter about what it's about, but I like to hear about what makes a person, a person. I tend to be a bit of 'troublemaker' at times, I can go from calm to hyper at times, so sorry if I offend you when I talk- I've been trying to reduce this from happening for a few years now. I also dress my avatar in weird outfits, so don't be surprised if I'm 'naked' one day, and fully clothed the other, it, just like real life, I like variety, I can't really stand wearing the same thing all the time~

~Anyways, if you have any questions, feel like talking to someone, feel free to P.M. or comment here.

*Also, friends here call me Caffei, or Leo, to save time writing my lengthy name


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spirit box Report | 11/19/2014 8:31 am
spirit box
Thank youuu heart
spirit box Report | 11/19/2014 8:25 am
spirit box
What background is that you're using? o:
Alive92 Report | 11/14/2014 10:12 pm
Oh thank you redface
I'm a fashionable gang member emotion_yatta
Alive92 Report | 11/14/2014 10:04 pm
Oh thank you!You're so sweet yum_puddi I knew I have seen it before but I couldn't recall the name!
Alive92 Report | 11/14/2014 9:33 pm
Hi! I fell in love with your avi is so beastly fashionable wink and the way you use the background is awesome may I ask you what item it is?
A r u r u Report | 11/13/2014 6:01 pm
A r u r u
Just wanted to say your avatar is awesome.
So classy.
* ^*
Alioke Report | 11/13/2014 12:48 pm
aww, ty. I wish that was true ^ ^
Still, your avatar is greatest~
Welcome : )
Alioke Report | 11/13/2014 12:42 pm
amazing avatar!
TehChich Report | 11/09/2014 5:53 pm
-paps- Is okay . u.
TehChich Report | 11/09/2014 4:52 pm
Gosh I wasn't really that upset @ u@ A little disappointed but yeah lol Thanks though ; u;~