Adelaide, Preservation of Steel

Adelaide Skollhunter
Age: "You're not supposed to ask a woman!"
Preference: Surprisingly, she's very meek for a Steel type trainer.

Currently: Steel type specialist trying to overcome rust.
Team on hand:xxxxxx

type preference: Steel Types!

******** your s**t up

Constantly updating
{Number 0 : The Fool}
Honorable // Brazen // Kind Hearted

          Jobs? Protagonist Lv 5, Red Mage Lv 7, Astrologist Lv , Summoner Lv
          Currently: Collecting Heart Pieces..
          Normally? Ness, Non, special nicknames I can't disclose
          Orientation: Already picked it, way better than what you can give me.
          Age: Old.
          Hobbies? Drawing. Writing. Improving my shorthand. Practicing being human.
          Contact? I made a new tumblr here. Pm me, Skype is personal for now unless you ask~ then you'll recieve.

          Dislikes? Plenty. Basically left for you to step all over to figure out with this old wolf.
          Likes? One specific thing that if you touch it, might lose a finger or two.
          Abilities?thisisn'tfinalfantasyI can decipher old greek, I can talk to animals (well, canine's), and the ability to hear you talk s**t behind your monitor.
          Wishlist? Senpai's not noticing you, but you can PM me for a wishlist. For my birthday? Ship me my boyfriend so he can be happy.
          Some wisdom? Be yourself. Christ, you won't go anywhere being fake and gaudy. I'm going to be the toughest b***h you will find anywhere, but if I have my hard times I do break and I break hard. I fall all over the place and I stay up for hours trying to fix things and patch the wounds that were made. Kinda wish I had more friends to lean on so I didn't feel so alone. Sure, I've got my wiseass significant other. But I guess that's why tough people are alone? Not sure. All I can say is be yourself. Mama Haze out.
Caffeinated Hazelnut
Ramlethal Valentine