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Registered: 08/08/2007

Gender: Female

Occupation: Panera Bread Associate

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N A M E : Caffeina

L o v e s
❤ Art ( Esp. Digital)
❤ Anime
❤ Video Games
❤ Makeup (Too Faced for life ~❤❤❤)
❤ Sweets! (Esp. Chocolate) gaia_spoons
❤ My family
❤ My boyfriend
❤ My Melody~
❤ Rilakkuma
❤ J-Fashion
❤ Anything Kawaii!
❤ Music of almost ANY kind
❤ French themed anything and Rococo style
❤ History
❤ Animals! cat_4laugh
❤ Floral or sweet scented candles and perfume~

D i s l i k e s
♚ Hot weather
♚ Ignorance / prejudice
♚ Mean / snobby / uppity people
♚ Main stream music
♚ Arguing ( esp. over politics or religion .. cat_rolleyes )
♚ Extremely spicy foods!
♚ Math ..

That's me ~ I love talking to people, but please do not send me a random friend request! If we've only talked for two seconds and you send me a request, it will be declined. Please be understanding of this~

Also, please feel free to leave me a comment!

"Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs."


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