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Gender: Female

Occupation: Panera Bread Associate

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Hello! ~ ♥ I'm 22 and currently working as a cashier at Panera Bread. I love my job 99% of the time, mainly because I get to smell coffee and bread all day (which to me, is absolute heaven ♡). I enjoy the simple things in life. I believe that since the world is corrupt as is, we all need to maintain a sense of child-like wonder and playfulness; it's how we stay vital. I like to be silly .. very silly. *_* I also like video games, anime, learning about make up techniques, and everything cute / kawaii. I love J-fashion, especially mori kei and himekaji. Currently, I'm cultivating my sewing hobby to be able to make himekaji and gyaru clothing in bigger sizes since Japanese brands are mostly inaccessible and run very small. I don't like waking up super early or being afraid of oversleeping. I love staying up late and drawing (I do digital! Check out my shop). I'm not 100% sure of what I want to do in life. I would love to do something that would present opportunities of travel. I love my boyfriend of 2 years .. he's my best friend ever. I would love to chat! But please don't send me a random friend request. >3<;;

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"Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs."


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