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Registered: 08/08/2007

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

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I have been a member of Gaia since 2006.
I am a college student with the aim of getting a license in dietetics.
My other passions include art, history, and World of Warcraft.
I will not reveal my age or real name unless I spend some time talking to you. This also goes for random friend requests; I will not add you if I have never talked to you or talked to you for less than five minutes.

I am an overall friendly and caring person, but I never hesitate to speak up for myself or anyone I love. I like to be silly, it keeps me young. I have a wonderful boyfriend I have been with for about a year and a half now, so I am not interested in cybering/flirting. Other little facts about me? I obviously love coffee. I also have a serious sweet tooth that may cost me all of my teeth one day .. but hey, if you can't enjoy what you love, what's the point? I am a Renaissance nerd. Wanna talk about history/art history? I would love that..I love intelligent, engaging conversation. This does not make me a snob. I do not like many anime shows, but I will always love Fruits Basket. I do love cute/kawaii things. I love cats, but I am allergic. I have two dogs I love dearly. They light up my life. <3 I am accepting of everyone, meaning I'll be nice as long as you are. If you want to know more about me, I am interested in meeting cool new friends and doing art so please visit my shop, send a pm, or leave me a comment!

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