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Cafe Delight

Hello all, My name is Natalie but you can call me Nat for short.
I am 26 yrs young and been on gaia since 05, man i feel old DX.
My hobbies out side of gaia include reading, drawing, biking and walking.
I'm a military gal who is crossing her fingers in hope of getting her next rank up.
I'm a easy going happy go lucky crazy girl. I love to play tease flirt and taunt lol.
My hobbies on Gaia are: GB forums, CB forums, Art Forums, Guilds and rallying with friends.
I Spend most my time floating around marketplace
looking for new ways to update and or improve my avis look.
I can often be seen in the Exchange forums selling bulk type items.
To conclude this long post up I'm an easy person to get along with,
but please don't think i wont go upside your head
just because i'm nice lets just try to get along for now mmk?


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Cafe Delight

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