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Welcome to my Profile!

Thank You Houkito!

[The Family]
(I'm probably missing a lot of other memebers)

Cafe Fun Facts!
- Formerly Cafe au Vanilla
- Living in New York, Manhattan
- Aries
- I'm a touchy feely person so that's a thing...
- I'm a bit insecure and afraid of hurting people's feelings, especially if I respect them.
- I am a pervert through and through. Yes. Hentai is my jam.
- I like music that is heart throbbing, adrenaline pumping, in your face til the end, putting you at the edge of your seat. But sometimes mellow is cool too. Sometimes.
- I am also a very short girl. 5 foot 1 to be exact!
- I am mixed heritage: From my mom side Japanese Filipino from my dad's side British and Spanish and from just being born here, American. Lol!

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