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Artemis (Shoes)
Tart Doufu Hua (Sweater)
Pure White Angelic Scarf
Sachiel\'s Wings (Tucked)
Shoujo School Girl Eyes (Peridot)
Winter\'s Rose (Spirits of Spring)
Sweet Doufu Hua (Glasses)
Tart Doufu Hua (Hair)

> I'm cowboy peep, but please by all means call me Peep.
> My real name is Amanda..
> I'm 22 years old. ... I'm getting old. D;
> I like stuff and things.
> I am the laziest b***h you will ever meet, and I'm not afraid to admit that.
> Dogs > People.
> I bring up my dogs in ideal conversation all the time because they are like my children.
> I like to make things awkward.
> I absolutely love bows and ribbons.
> Cupcakes are love.
> I hate wearing make up, even if it's a little blush or lip gloss.
> My favorite colors in purple, pink, blue, black, and pastel colors.
> When it comes to music, I listen to just about anything though I highly enjoy pop punk, metal, death metal, rock, pop rock, and alternative.
> I have an unhealthy obsession with the band New Found Glory.
> If you listen to NFG, then you are automatically my new best friend.
> My Friends Over You is my favorite song... ever.
> I'm indecisive to the point that it is quite sickening.
> I fear for my future & what will become of it.
> I love tattoos. I have 4 [a purple bow on each shin, a horseshoe on my inner ankle by my foot, and a portrait of Chloe on my left outer ankle.] and I plan for many many more.
> I hate needles.
> I'm trying out this new thing.... not giving any more ******** about what goes on in people's lives that are close to me. So far, I think it's working.
> In real life, I am painfully shy to the point that it really is quite ridiculous. I was always an outgoing, talkative, friendly child growing up. Don't ask me what happened because I don't even have a clue.
> I love going to concerts.
> Straight up Jack Daniel's is my preferred alcoholic drink of choice... I'm forever scarred and can no longer enjoy the taste of any whisky. I'll take my b***h drink of a cocktail and call it a night.
> True story. I once was one of the hosts to this party that me, my friend, and her boyfriend threw. Needless to say, the three of us got s**t faced while our guests were the ones that babysat us for the remainder of the night. I wish I could remember what happened but from what I was told [and slightly remember], it was one hell of a party.
> I realize I'm the happiest in my life when I'm around my friends.
> When I get my own place, I plan on having a gazillion shih tzus, and a couple of fainting goats.
> I am a complete night owl.
> Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, shopping, sleeping, watching tv, playing video games, finding something to do that involves dogs, & that's about it.
> I'm obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race.
> I'm curious about what goes on in other people's lives, like what's new and stuff, because in all honestly, my own life is boring as ********. I have nothing going for me.
> I like your face. We should be friends.
> I think that's all you need to know. Have a good day, then :].


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potato sama

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potato sama

thank you for the purchase! biggrin
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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UGH not fair. im haveing some major issues with my inventory right now. wanna pop on aim so i can show you the screen shots?

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got that right XD

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eh too late , i wanted it to be fishcake. but crispyfishcakes is just win

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SO , i was like , whos cowboypeep?

dur hur i shoulda made my account peepingtom so wed macth

Report | 11/07/2009 11:47 pm


Thanks. Mostly people just say it look cluttered. >.<


Looking for more art of my chinchilla OC, Jubilee.
Art by Kittencrowns
Thank you. <3

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