Call me Cherry, or Millie
I'm female.
Residing somewhere in the UK
Unfortunately I'm Vertically challenged
I can be quite perverted and kinky, but you'll get used to it.
My hair is short and brown, eyes a chocolaty colour and I have very fair skin
I like drama, including film and tv, and theatre.
I like music, reading and writing.
I do a lot of roleplaying
I'm also into arts and crafts. I make jewlerry and I have my own graphics store.
I'm a very obsessive person
My normality has often been subject to question
You wont meet anyone more of a chocoholic than I!

My obsessive attacks have repeatedly been thrown upon the following.
Lost, Xena: The Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, The Little Mermaid, Heroes and Lord of the Rings. Be sure that'll update this list.

I love my food.
Especially Chinese and Sushi. i like proper Italian Pizza, not the American crap. Although I have an evil craving for McDonalds quite often. Lemon curd sandwiches, Pop Tarts, Cherryade (go figure) Stilton and Broccoli soup, Mum Beef stew and dumplings, Cream Soda and cereal

I very much love my Nintendo DS, although I have never completed a game in my life I have a short attention span. I love sunflowers, they're so cheerful. One day I want a VW Camper Van, in blue!

You may now return to your simple lives.
Good night Seattle and good mental health.


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Hello Kitty Tokyo

Report | 03/16/2012 2:57 pm


I have to say, I much like your avatar and profile.
Raiinbow Sharpie

Report | 03/16/2012 1:53 pm

Raiinbow Sharpie

cool avi

Report | 01/24/2012 2:05 pm


I literally just sent you a request only to discover you just sent me one xD
great to meet you and yeah we should definitely test each other on our lanuage skills biggrin
Nightmares Unleashed

Report | 07/14/2011 3:18 am

Nightmares Unleashed

I have no idea~
Doubt it though~
Nightmares Unleashed

Report | 07/13/2011 4:51 pm

Nightmares Unleashed

White ; v ;
The Grey Sanctuary

Report | 07/12/2011 10:31 am

The Grey Sanctuary

thank you so much I appreciated the info. Im trying to do an art pixel as bitmap and I couldn't find the gaia items that you have because I didn't have any idea what they were called....but thanks!
The Grey Sanctuary

Report | 07/11/2011 5:04 pm

The Grey Sanctuary

what are the names of itmes you are carrying....??? I can't find them!

Report | 05/07/2011 12:08 pm


Hey Milsyyyy (: It's Em, you asked me to add you on Gaia, and then i realised i already have you as a friend! So hey (: xxxxx

Report | 02/28/2011 3:38 pm


Heh heh, sorry about that. xD;
This will be my last change, don't worry. I can't spare another 40k.


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