Do not send friend requests unless we have spoken before.
Do not beg me for gold.
I've been on Gaia since: 06.27.04.
I've gone by many previous usernames.

Hello everyone,
First off, you can all call me Bizzy.
No, that is not my real name.

I'm 24 years old and engaged.
I want to have a baby.

Pit Bulls & Bully Breeds are my world.
And I've made it a hobby to rescue and protect these mistaken breeds.

I have 2 American Pit Bull Terriers; Apollo and Cosmo.
I have 1 Pit Bull/Mix; Smiley Mae.
I have 1 Mastiff/GSP Mix; Chomper.
Yes my dogs tend to be dog aggressive, but they do warm up after a bit.
But there is no human aggression in them at all.
Apollo is my favorite and my baby; and he is protective of me.
If I'm being beat on, he will put himself between me and said attacker. Depending on how rough or serious it is he will act accordingly.

I have graduated both HS and College.

I have anxiety and sleeping issues.

I listen to all kinda of music, but picky with movies.

I watch anime a lot, and tend to be picky here too. But if you want to throw some anime titles at me I'd love to check them out and see if I'd have interest!

That's about all I can think to say about myself.



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Hypothetical Situation

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Hypothetical Situation

Thank you so much!
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

4laugh thank u
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

emotion_awesome im a purty lady !
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

its ok with the quest im quite a chatter emotion_awesome
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

wb emotion_kirakira
and i hope we can chat soon in the future xD or after im finish making this prince peach avi
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

sure i know other ppl will want more but im a total sweetheart heart
send the trade please
oh we havent met im sundae princess but ppl mostly call me sun
Ivory Lune

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Ivory Lune

how low o 3o ?

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• <3333

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• Oh!~ yes I am~
sorry brain is all over the place.
was making a post style for a friend. sweatdrop

Thank you for the donation!


I collect art. Please draw me?