My dork and my babies

We are makin' shades of Purple out of Red and Blue.

J'ai pas de problème, je fainéante...
Pas de malaise, je fainéante.

Trans-Male, A-romantic, 22, Taken, Rude Princess.
Steam: R.I.P
Xbox: Buzbillion
Recolor.me: Buzby
Skype: Buvic.
3DS: 2466 - 5167 - 3506
Black Desert, ESO, Sims 3/4, DA:I, Trove, GSAC:FA
The biggest pessimistic optimist. -(INTP-A)
with Sociopathic and Multi-personality tendencies
Cassandra Pentaghast is my spirit animal.
Living with boyfriend in our own place in Iowa.
my bf is a turkey truck loader who smells like poo.
Experienced baker and learning chef.

Obsessed with small things
Occasional Rally, Towns 2 and CB lurk.
Into Cyber more than RL intimate times
I can be a huge p***s
r.i.p has become my signature lol.

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Coding: Me
Background: wiwionart @DA
Song: Halsey - Hurricane Arty Remix