Skype: buvic.
A Fan of: Horror, Mystery, Science, History, Games, Poetry & Music.
Steam: Buzby, Xbox: Mooce2, Hotmail:, Buzby
I lurk in Rally, CB, GD, BR&TS, Exchange and Art Forums.

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Call me Buzby - 21 - German - Decent Artist - Furry - Feminine - Male.
Playing: Sims, Rainbow Saga, Fable, WS, STO, GTAV, TES, Trove, PWI, Halo.
I am cheap as balls, i can be srsly ghetto, i'm stupid and im kind of insane.
I'm sometimes overwhelmingly generous and loving and im an a*****e.
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I get 85% of my items from crying and whining like a b***h, im actually really poor.
I Can Be: Stern, Obsessive, Silly, Sarcastic, Whiny, Promiscuous, Opinionated.
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I'm a Bi-Romantic homosexual, masosadist thingamabob, call me Trash pls.
Dolly 09511 - Kyle 052512 - Jojo 101313 - Monte 041214 - Molly 052214
Avid Gamer, Reader of books, Movie and Show watcher, Artist & Lover
Bipolar with PTSD, ADHD, Dyslexia and I tend to be bluntly pessimistic.
I have an unhealthy love for Dragons, Dinosaurs, History, Space and Donuts..
I watch Gaming, Factual, Cooking, Space and Horror related videos too much.
Life likes to kick me in the shin and i like to enjoy it.
I hate even my own music.
Apparently i give good relationship advice?.


Coding: Me
Background: SARETTA1 @DA
Song: Andy Grammer - Honey Im Good
Espeon: creepyjellyfish @ DA
Lewis heart: xXLegendary-FuryXx @ DA

Gaias coding makes me hate life.

I should wear makeup