You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum

Steam: Buzby, Xbox: Buzbillion or Mooce2, Buzby, Skype: Buvic.

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Kyle 052512 ~ Jojo 101313 ~ Monte 041214 ~
Playing: Sims, Fable, Dragon Age, GOW, RoyalQuest, Brawlhalla, PWI, Ao2
Avid Gamer, Reader, Movie and Show watcher, Artistic potato.
Anxiety, Dyslexia, Paranoia and I tend to be bluntly pessimistic.
Introvert, Obsessive, Silly, Sarcastic, Whiny, Opinionated, Forgetful.
Too loving, Too caring, Too giving, Too sweet, Great listener tho.
I have a love for Dragons, Dinosaurs, History, Space and Donuts..
I watch Gaming, Factual, Cooking, History, Space and Horror related videos
I also don't find people to be physically attractive, I like to pretend.
I get 85% of my stuff from whining to my babes, im actually really poor.
I do like to send people random gifts and sometimes piles of them.
I like calling people; Babe, Sugarbear, Honeybun, Whore, Slut -etc.
Go look at my journal to actually know something about me.
Fuhkno is my One and Only, Demmonic is my 5evr Senpai
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Coding: Me
Background: SARETTA1 @DA
Song: Melanie Martinez - Dead to me
Lewis heart: xXLegendary-FuryXx @ DA
8-bit gif: tumblr