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A Fan of: Horror, Mystery, Science, History, Games, Poetry & Music.
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I lurk in Rally, CB, GD, BR&TS, Exchange and Art Forums.

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Call me Buzby - 20 - German - Decent Artist - Furry - Feminine - Male.
Playing: Sims, POE, STO, Unturned, Archeage, Trove, ETS2, Hearthstone.
Everybody is muh BB, ya'll muh BB, not Bby, thas 2 ghetto bb.
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I get 85% of my items from crying and whining like a b***h, im actually really poor.
I Can Be: Stern, Stupid, Silly, Sarcastic, Whiny, Highly Promiscuous.
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I'm Homo but VERY Bi-Romantic and i'm sadomasochist, i love your face.
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Avid Gamer, Reader of books, Movie and Show watcher, Artist & Lover
Bipolar with PTSD, ADHD, Dyslexia and I tend to be pessimistic.
I have an unhealthy love for Drahguns, Dynasars, Shurks and Donuts..
I watch Gaming, Factual, Cooking and Horror related videos too much.
I care about everyone and i will strugglesnuggle you.
I hate even my own music.
I like Pink a wee bit.


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Song: Nightmare Before Christmas - This Is Halloween