It's that time of year again. I'll be completely honest. Cosplaying Black*Star was a load of fun even though in the end I had to be the bad guy and leave, which I apologize for. Anyways. I will keep this cosplay, and I will come by every now and then. The series was absolutely amazing. 8D Now that I'm finally considered an adult, I have to make my leave and work through this tough world. Keep on enjoying the series and other anime series that will come in the future!


April 27, 2011
THE BESTEST, MOST AWESOMEST, GREATEST, COOLEST, STARS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WIDE WORLD MADE ME HAPPY. They helped out with my quest of an item and they surprised me with it. I appreciate what they always do for me no matter what. And I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY THANK THEM FOR EVERYTHING THEY DID ON THIS ITEM. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I'M NOT FAKING IT, I REALLY DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DONE FOR ME. If I hadn't made Black*Star I would never meet all of you. I'm glad I did. ; U ; <33

Here's a question for you: Whats black, blue and GOING to be red all over if
he calls me flat AGAIN? >A>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
BurakkuSuta answered MakaAruban

★ OOC ( Out of Character ) Note ★
[[ Hey, hey. DO NOT take this ' profile ', or this ' about me', okay? Even my avatars, and my posting style. I made those, without looking at other Black*Star cosplayers. Be original and make your own ideas, be smart, okay? Just don't steal. This profile of mine has been made by someone awesome, so you can't just steal this. My creations, my ideas. This stealing stuff is illegal, and not acceptable. If you just wanna be my friend for my items, I think that's a double NO. Either way, in life, I can be a jerky jackass. I can just go and get you and teach you a lesson, just like that. SO DO NOT STEAL. You'll figure out what a virtual hell is like once you get beaten by me.

Help The Ninja.

I already have a Maka, Soul, Kid, Patti, Liz, Chrona, Stein, Shinigami-Sama, and other people that are so cool to me. I've been knowing them for a long period of time. So never take from them. It won't be so awesome. They are also the best people around. They're like family to me, okay?

Oh yeah, if your a god damn hater of Black*Star, don't troll me okay? Keep your freaking opinions to yourself. I don't wanna have to deal with any problems. ]]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

★ Nicknames ★
Studento ★ Furanken Shutain-Hakase
Ngr*Star ★ Kurona Makenshi
Buck*Star ★ Furanken Shutain-Hakase
B-Suta ★ Ragu no Raku
Brock*Star ★ Desu za Kiddo
Barack*Star ★ Desu za Kiddo
Beaner n****r Crackhead B-Suta ★ Ragu No Raku
Burakkuu Obama ★ Furanken Shutain-Hakase
Vlack*Star ★ Furanken Shutain-Hakase
Black*Tar ★ Romantic Torture
Blat*Tar ★ Kirikou Lungu; Romantic Torture
Bastar ★ Desu za Kiddo
Crazy Child ★ Clumsy Mafia Boss
Azn Ngr ★ Mostly everyone I know 8D
Ngr ★ People who think I'm black. ;u;

★ Just PM Me For A Nickname. ★

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Click the icon to ask me questions!

Click the icon to describe in three words!

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| Black★Star ; ブラック☆スター ; Burakku★Sutā |

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

★ About The Star ★

Hey! Yeah! You there! Do you even know who I am? Well you're just not thinking, the name's Black★Star. I'm the best of my school! Just number one! Memorize that! You seem interesting. Why don't I tell you about myself, and you tell me about yourself? That seems okay. Usually Kid would just pop out here and yell at me for the bad symmetry on my profile. Oh well, too bad.

* He starts laughs a bit. *

Oh well. Who cares about symmetry anyways. Anyways, I'm a meister from Death Weapon Meister Academy, call it DWMA, or Shibusen. Either way works. That school found me when I was just a baby. I was from the infamous Star Clan. They would do anything for money ... Then they thirst for power. The DWMA exterminated the clan. But Mifune, a swordsman. He killed my blooded father. That all sums up and explains the star on my shoulder. I'm just the last member.

* He slightly moves his hand to his shoulder. *

About the DWMA. That school is located at Death City. In a desert. The one who owns the school, and the city, is Shinigami-Sama. He is the father of Death the Kid, but Kid doesn't look related to that guy. But, I do want to make a Death Scythe, and surpass god one day. That's why I train, I WANT to earn souls. Use it to make Tsubaki Nakatukasa a Death Scythe.

* Starts to mumble and thinks to himself. *

Well don't you want to know about Tsubaki. I live with her, but. She's the best weapon ever~! In history, and a best cook! She takes a lot of weapon forms. Let's see .... Hmmm ... Oh! She's a kusarigama, shuriken, smoke bomb, and now .... the Enchanted Sword, she had that after taking her brother's soul, Masamune ... Tsubaki can have her hair in a chain, and when I manage to use her uncanny sword mode. She can control my shadow and attack with it. That's neat, isn't it?

I have some certain moves. My first one is Black★Star big wave. I use it to strike my foe with a stun. Next is Shadow★Star, my shadow that's controlled by Tsubaki can cut into the enemy. But that can hurt me a bit. It kinda kills me.

* Counts his fingers to count his abilities. *

I'll skip some just so I can get to an awesome part! My Shadow★Star: Gathering Cutter, I have a resonance with Tsubaki that time, and we both manipulate the shadows that has been cast by me, I can grab the enemy and cut through that enemy. There is a way of me for a shield, and that is Shield☆Star! Me and Tsubaki have a resonance in her kusarigama form. Then I create a golden star. Then there is Trap★Star, Tsubaki places a star in the ground in her kusarigama form. I can sense a opponent that time and capture them! Next is Speed★Star, that means I a resonance with Tsubaki, and I can be all speedy, I don't feel like explaining.

* He starts to yawn and sits down for a bit. *

I follow the ' assassins code '. It's just the way of assassination. Here's what I do:

1. Blend into the shadows ... Hold your breath .. .And wait for your target to let down his guard!

2. Tune into your target; know his thoughts and actions!

3. Strike your target down before he is aware of your existence!

Okay. My time is up here. I didn't feel like listening to you about yourself. Oh well. I'm already hungry for some food made by Tsubaki .... So .... Bye!

* He rushes away back home to eat, and sleep. *

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

'' Your the first person to appreciate my talent .... ''

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

☆ My Star Friends ☆
[[ These guys are stars. Well below being a great star. I hang with them, and they're my family. It's like they're the family I never had. Just click the icons. PSH. Go ahead! But if you like make them feel bad or steal from them. Say goodbye to the world. * A *]]

★ Girl*Star ★

★ Tsubaki Nakatsukasa ★

★ Maka Albarn ★

★ Soul Eater ★

★ Death the Kid ★

★ Death the Girl ★

★ Liz Thompson ★

★ Patti Thompson ★

★ Franken Stein ★

★ Shinigami-Sama ★

★ Spirit Albarn ★

★ Marie Mjolnir ★

★ Medusa Gorgon ★

★ Justin Law ★

★ Asura ★

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

☆ My Other Star Friends ☆

★ Fonti [[ Your lucky your put up twice on this profile. LOLOL ]] ★

★ Rita Mordio ★

★ Shieru ( Ciel ) ★

★ Reiji [[ Stupid Daddy. 8D ]] ★

★ Miku ★

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Love you guys. <3

Tubia is my not-loving-porn partner.
Dylan is a uke. e A e
Audrina wants to be like her pa. 8D
Daddy likes to hit me .... </3
Girl!Star is a little princess. |D
Maka can gain a chest soon. LOL.
Soul is mah bro. BROMANCE IS EPIC. IT'S NOT GAY.
Patti likes to kick people.
Liz is a kickass fashion girl.
Girl!Kid is awesome. BD
Insane!Me is a insane lover. ; w ;
Chrona is my FAKE sister. SINCE FONTI IS MY MOMMY, I CAN'T LOVE ON HER. D8 calls me Ngr*Star. WHUT.
Hakase dissects children.
Spirit is a drunk derp a stalker. FDGFDGFDHG.
Gami-dono is a zombie killer. |D
Excalibur scares me and Kid. ; n ;
Fonti lS MY MOMMU. I can't love on her anymore. ; n ; ABUSIVE MOMMY.
King spills wine on me. ; A ;
Miku ... and her futa. ;A;


★ The Journal Of The Star ★

I am the one, and only man, to surpass god! Yahoo!



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