Gender: Female

Location: That one girl next to you digging holes.


Miss Pudding Pop and Iron Gamer are my best friends.
James Daniel Garcia is my gaian Bro.

Get to know me through pms or roleplaying.
If you spot me in the CB I'll be mostly In Character.

☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧
Donators are welcomed and will be listed here as thanks:

-mutsunokami donated Gleaming Aura Specialist. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-VenomGirly gifted Swift Glissando.gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-sup-qt ARTDROPPED me. smilies/icon_heart.gif

-Anon gifted Nyx Rebirth. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-Anon paid for my avatar art. smilies/icon_heart.gif

-Anon gifted Punishing Superbia. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-Xx Astray xX donated 15 Billion Gold. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-Paper Air Plane anon gifted SeongMi Haunted Doll,
Cozy Puppies, Good at Being Bad, The Butch Russian
. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-Anon gifted Maestro Docent. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

-Pudding gifted Horns of the Frozen South, Gleaming Aura Specialist.
And over half a Trill of Gold too!! gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif

☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧ ☙❧


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Raquel Chanel v100 Report | 05/22/2015 10:53 pm
Raquel Chanel v100
No problem ! blaugh
Tsunlock Report | 05/21/2015 10:34 pm
I can't deny this. =O
Tsunlock Report | 05/21/2015 10:18 pm
I'm very red. o3o
Nightmare Kitsu Report | 05/19/2015 5:12 pm
Nightmare Kitsu
I need all the wishes for that <3
Nightmare Kitsu Report | 05/17/2015 7:48 pm
Nightmare Kitsu
I completely agree
Nightmare Kitsu Report | 05/17/2015 7:42 pm
Nightmare Kitsu
Nuuu Ny-chan is prettier to look at <3
Nightmare Kitsu Report | 05/17/2015 7:33 pm
Nightmare Kitsu
I hope you are doing well <3
Love the new profile even if I hadn't had been on it, which I am very happy with xD
emotioneater Report | 05/17/2015 5:59 pm
Thank you for your many purchases. whee
emotioneater Report | 05/17/2015 4:38 pm
Thank you for your purchase of the Throwback Memory Album Vol.1, please come again soon. smile
TokyoJi Report | 05/14/2015 3:50 pm
Was it a long day?


Fem )|( Pansexual )|( Bloodsucker
Wy is newly Turned and very Thirsty.
Literate RP'er


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